Geography Final

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typhoona tropical storm that occurs in the Western Pacific
Taklimakan Desertlocated in western China between the Tian Shan and Kunlun Mountains
Gobi Desertlocated in northern China and southeast Mongolia
Three Gorges Dambuilt on the Chang Jiang in China
landfillmethod of solid waste disposal in which refuse is buried between layers of dirt to fill in or reclaim low-lying ground
PCB'sindustrial pollutants that build up in animal tissue
dynastya series of rulers from the same family
spheres of influencemethod of dividing foreign control in China, after the country was forced to sign a series of treaties granting special privileges to the Europeans
Boxer Rebellionan uprising in China in 1900, spurred by angry Chinese militants, or Boxers, over foreign control; several hundred Europeans, Christians, and Chinese died
Mao Zedongthe leader of the communists in China who defeated the Nationalists in 1949
Confucianisma movement based on the teachings of Confucius, a chinese philosopher who lived about 500 BC, who believed in the importance of education in an ordered society in which one respects one's elders and obeys the government
Taoisma philosophy based on the book Tao Te Ching and the teachings of Lao-Tau, who lived in China in the sixth century BC and believed in preserving and restoring harmony in the individual, with nature, and in the universe, with little interference from the government
Buddhisma religion that originated in India about 500BC and spread to China, where it grew into a major religion by AD 400
economic tigera nation that has rapid economic growth due to cheap labor, high technology, and aggressive exports
Pacific Rimthe countries surrounding he Pacific Ocean
Three Kingdomsthe kingdoms formed in the peninsula of Korea by AD 300 - Koguryo in the northeast, Paekche in the southwest, and Silla in the southeast
Seoulthe largest city in South Korea
Pyongyangthe largest city in North Korea
samuraiprofessional soldiers
shogungeneral of the emperor's army with the powers of a military dictator
mandalasstates organized as rings of power around a central court
Khmer Empirea powerful mandala that lasted roughly from the 9th to the 15th centuries in what is now Cambodia
Indochinaa French colony made up of Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam
Vietnam warthe military conflict resulting from the American involvement in South Vietnam to prevent its takeover by Communist North Vietnam
ASEANthe Association of Southeast Asian Nations
Micronesiameaning tiny islands
Melanesiameaning black islands
Polynesiameaning many islands
subsistence activitiesactivities in which a family produces only the food, clothing, and shelter they themselves need
coprathe dried meat of coconuts
taroa plant with a starchy root
penal colonya place to send prisoners
Aboriginal peoplepeople who migrated to Australia from Asia at least 40,000 years ago; the original settlers of the land
Maorithe first settlers of New Zealand, who migrated from Polynesia more than 1,000 years ago
Treaty of Waitangitreaty signed in 1840 giving Britain control over New Zealand
pakehasa Maori term for white people
assimilationwhen a minority group gives up its culture and adopts the majority group's culture
Stolen Generationin Australia, what Aboriginal people today call the 100,000 mixed-race children who were taken by the government and given to white families to promote assimilation
Land Rights Act of 1976gave the Aboriginal people the right to claim land in the Northern territory
Mabo casein Australia, the law case that upheld an Aboriginal's land claim by which the Court recognized that Aboriginal people had owned land before the British arrived.
pastoral leasesin Australia, a huge chunk of land still owned by the government; ranchers take out leases, renting the land from the government
Wik casethe case in which the court ruled that the Aboriginal people could claim land held under the pastoral lease
industrializationthe growth of industry
push factora factor that causes people to leave their homelands and migrate to another region
pull factora factor that draws or attracts people to another location