Geography Essay Portion

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What does Location mean?describes where places are at on Earth
What is absolute location?exact location on earth
What is relative location?location compared to other places
example of absolute locationSioux Falls is located at 43.54 *N, 96.73*W
example of relative locationMy house is located near Walmart
what does place mean?answers the question: what is it like there?
what are physical characteristics?the way a place looks
what are cultural characteristics?people's activities change the way a place looks or is represented
example of placeSioux Falls--"The Heart of America"
example of physical characteristicsthe big sioux river is in sioux falls
example of cultural characteristicsThanksgiving is a national holiday in america
what does movement mean?people, goods, and ideas move from place to place
example of movementseveral people in this school have immigrated here from other countries
what does region mean?this theme divides the earth into smaller area for easier study
example of regionnorth america is separated into 4 regions:the west, the midwest, the south, the northeast
what does HEI mean?the environment and people are interconnected
example of HEIchopping down wood, hunting, fishing, using land for crops, destroying land for houses, animals spreading disease

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