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Question Answer
Circumferencec=2PIr or c= PId
Area of triangle A=1/2 BH (Base + Height have to meet (unit square,cm square,in square,m square)
Area of rectangleA=L times W=B times H (unit square,cm square,in square,ft square,m square)
Area of square A=S square=L times W=B times H (units square,cm square,in square,mi square,m square,ft square)
Area of parallelogram A=B + H (Base + Height have to meet) unit square,cm square,in square,ft square,m square
Area of trapezoid A=1/2 H(B1 +B2) B1 +B2 have to be parallel (B + H have to meet @ 90 degrees
Volume of cubeVol.=L times W times H= S3 ( units3,cm3,ft3,in3 cube units)
Supplementary angles 2 angles that when added equal 180 degrees (La +Lb=180 degrees)
Complementary angles 2 angles that when added equal 90 degrees (sum)
Vertical angles2 angles that are oppiste (share the same measurement)
Adjacent Angles 2 angles that are next to each other & share a vertex Lx & Lz are adjcent (Lx + Lz=108 degrees)
Diamater A line segment from edge to edge going through the center of the circle (d=2r)
Radius A line segment from the edge of the circle to the center of the circle (r=1/2d)
Area of circleA=PIr square (units2,mc2,m2,in2,ft2)


Perimeter of a quadrilateral: P=S1 +S2 +S3 +S4
Perimeter of a rectangle: P=2L + 2H=2B + 2H
Volume of rectangular prism: Vol.=Area times Height=1/2 B times H1 times Height2