Geographers to Know

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Question Answer
Ernest BurgessConcentric Zone Model-1925
Walter ChristallerCentral Place Theory-1933
William DenevanNative American Depopulation-1976?
Larry Ford and Ernst GriffinLatin American City Model-1980
Homer HoytSector Model-1939
Thomas MalthusMalthusian Theory-1798
Friedrich RatzelAnthropogeographie, Father of Human Geography-1882
Walt RostowStages of Growth-1953?
Carl SauerPossiblism, Cultural Landscape-1990s
Johann Heinrich von Th√ľnenIsolated State Model-1826
Alfred WeberIndustrial Location Theory-1909
Waldo R. ToblerFirst Law of Geography-1970
Ellen Churchill SempleDesert Theories, Influences of Geography-1911
Halford John MackinderHeartland Theory-1904
Alexander Von HomboltFather of Geography
William Morris DavisFather of American Geography
Paul Deval de la BlancheRegional Studies Approach

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