GEO340 WEEK3 and week 5

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Section 1

Question Answer
case study 是什么 of 什么;包括study of a instance of 什么, 什么,或什么;;case study是methodology还是method;;前两个各指什么是one manifestation of a broader phenomenon;; study of a instance of place, process or event;;case study 是methodology而不是method;;methodology指的是theory of 什么可以被research,method是mechanism of 收集数据
为什么要用case study? 因为它allow什么和什么;;可以用来什么theory (什么case)和 什么theory(什么case), 用在research 涵盖了什么topic且需要什么因为它allow in depth exploration and explanation, 可以用来test theory (deviant)和expand (positive);;涵盖了complex topic 需要multiple sources of evidence
case study可以是什么 research method,和什么或者两个都是qualitative, quantitative,or both
叫chicago school是因为那里有了什么,在哪个学校specific group of sociologists在二十世纪上半叶, university of chicago
symbolic interactionism指的是什么影响着某些领域的什么sociological perspectives 影响着某些领域的discipline
五种types of case studiesexploratory,explanatory,descriptive, intrinsic, collective
case studies是什么graphic的,有哪三个特点;;与它相反的是什么,有哪三个特点idiographic,和social有关,depth,study a phenomenon in detail,intensive;;nomothetic,stat,breath,study instances of 有限的数量of things across a range of units
inductive 和deductive 的四个步骤theory 或 idea stated initially;examination of 真实世界;得来的信息用于expand现有的theory或者建立新的theory; 新的theory被用来test against real world circumstances
temporal considerations 是关于什么的case studies, 有两种,各指什么temporal consideration是关于when的case studies, 有 cross-sectional和longitudinal 前者是one point or over one block of time,,,longitudinal 是returning to case after lapse of time
case study是可以transferable 和generalizable的,一个case 的finding可以用什么language apply 到另一个case的问题当中,case study的价值要在一定时候以后才能什么,有名的case study都可以怎么样一个case study的findings可以通过quantitative language apply到另一个case里;;要在一定时间以后才能reveal;;有名的findings它的findings都可以transferable
sampling的六种方式, 各指什么deviant (不寻常的例子 如 极好 极坏的例子),typical (平常的例子), maximum variation (在unique instance里找规律),snowball (从一个找到另一个 没有固定目标), criterion (找符合special qualitative的samples),opportunistic/convenient (在target population里问谁愿意参加选谁)
ethnography是approach to research aim 什么, 主观什么in culture,主要是什么based approach to research aim to understand the lived experience of people;; subjective immersion in culture;; field based
ethnography 是case study什么,一直是quali还是quanti,,sources可以有哪些(六种),,case study variant,,通常是qualitative 可以是quantitative, documents,interview,survey, artifacts, direct observation, participation immersion
当ethnography是methodology的时候,是什么of experience 和什么of contact,,value of in depth 什么和什么,注重researcher的什么,什么和什么,,thick description, ethnographic talesprimacy of experience 和 direct contact ;;value of in-depth engagement and interpretation;;注重researcher的voice, identity 和position;;thick description ethnographic tales
当ethnography是product的时候,produce什么,什么, 什么, 什么written records of people, events, personal growth, evaluation of self and others
ethnography可以involove 多少方法, 主要是哪两种;;它解释什么和什么in the context of a 什么ethnography involve multiple methods, 主要是观察和interviews;;它解释了local relationships and patterns in the context of a broader social settings
Compare and contrast case studies and ethnographies 四种ethnography 形容culture, case study是in-depth analysis of a particular instance;;ethnography 需呀participant observations来做data collection methods但是case study不需要;;case study是outward, ethnography是inward;;ethnography比case study的时间长
Transferability什么越多越好,越能transferabilitythe more cases the theory applies to, the better

Section 2

Question Answer
cite 和referencing的三个原因ethical--给academic labour credits;;legitimacy--provide source of material;;connections---argument可以放到broader context中
DOI 的全称digital object identifier
chicago for journal last, first, year, title, journal title, volume issue page doi
chicago for booklast first year chapter title, book title ,editor 的名字 page,publisher
chicago for magazine last first year title magazine name 几月几号
chicago for newspaperlast first year title newspaper title,日期, accessed 日期 网址链接
四个information的种类 解释其中的grey literaturepeer reviewed, grey literature (政府report civil society report), stats, newspaper
peer reviewed research 是system for assessing paper的什么in什么;;由field的其他专家来检查他的什么, 什么,和什么system for assessing the quality of paper in academia, experts in the field will check the validity, significance and originality of the paper
在academic research中 core part是什么, 因为这样可以什么researcher,并且有permanent的什么, 可以帮助researcher什么和什么,并且什么research 的质量 和helps distinguish opinions from systematic investigationthe core part of academic research is publishing in a journal,;;connect researcher, permanent record of work, 帮助researcher promote 他们的work 和得到recognition,demonstrate quality of research, helps distinguish opinions from systematic investigation