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what is zionism?the modern political movement that aimed at re-establishing a Jewish safe haven in Israel
who controlled Palestine before WWI?Ottoman Empire
Who received a mandate to control Palestine after WWI?the British
When did the UN vote to partition Palestine and why?1947, a lot of Arabians
who supported the partition Jews
who was against the partitionArabs
what happened when the British withdrew from the region in 1948?Israel was attacked by 5 Arab states
who controlled Gaza after the 1948 war?Egypt
who controlled the West Bank and Jerusalem after the 1948 war?Jordan
What happened in 1967?Israel captured West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem
who governs the Palestinians on the West Bank?Palestinian groups
who governs the Palestinians of the Gaza Strip?HAMAS anti-Israel militant Islamist group
how has this conflict impacted the borders in this region?different borders

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what was the historic homeland of the Jewish people?Israel
when did their rule over their homeland end?A.D. 70
when did they begin to return?1880's
what spurred on the UN decision to partition Palestine?persecution holocaust
what land did Israel capture in 1967?West Bank, East Jerusalem, Sinai Pen, Gaza Strip, Golan Heights
when did Israel withdraw from the Sinai Peninsula?1982
when did Israel withdraw from the Gaza Strip?2005
What issues make the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians so complex?attacks on Israel by Hezbollah and Hamas
how long had Palestinians lived in the region before the partition?centuries
for which faiths is Jerusalem important?Christians, Palestinian muslims
when did the British promise self rule for the Arabs and why?WWI in support
how did Arabs react to the establishment of the state of Israel?further dashed Palestinian hopes
how do Palestinians feel about Israeli settlements in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip?legitimate responses in pursuit of nationalist objective

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Why are the Kurds considered a stateless nation?they do not have their own state and the only identify themselves as a nation based on common ethnic., linguistic, and religious identity
Why do the Kurds want their own state?their lands are divided among several new nation-states and they have had many conflicts with them
What progress have Kurds made toward achieving the goal of an autonomous nation-state?they passed a Kurdish parliament and. are a government of their own

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population60 mil
66 millionsTurks

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population270 mil
4 millionIsraels

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Arab Springrevolutionary protests both non violent and violent, riots, and civil warts in the Arabs world