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GENG248 Midterm

Authors and their Work

AuthorLiterature Written
Charles Chesnutt"The Goophered Grapevine"
Paul Dunbar"Mr Cornelius Johnson"
Charles Chestnutt"The Marrow of Tradition"
Kate Chopin"Desiree's Baby"
Mary E. Wilkins Freeman"The Revolt of Mother"
Sarah Orne Jewett"The Foreigner"
Henry James"Daisy Miller"
Kate Chopin"At the Cadian Ball"
Kate Chopin"The Storm"
Stephen Crane"A Man Said to the Universe"
Stephen Crane"The Open Boat"
Frank Norris"A Deal in Wheat"
Jack London"The Law of Life"
Henry Adams"The Dynamo and the Virgin"
Henry Adams"Mont-Saint Michel and Chartres"
Emma Backus"When Brer Deer and Brer Terrapin Runned a Race"
Emma Backus"Why Mr. Dog Runs Brer Rabbit"
Eddins"How Sandy Got His Meat"
Suggs"Who Ate Up the Butter"
Suggs"Fox and Rabbit in the well"
Abrahams"The Signifying Monkey"
African Folklore"Massa and the Bear"
African Folklore"Talkin Bones"
African Folklore"John Steals a Pig and a Sheep"
African Folklore"Old Boss Wants into Heaven"
Ernest Hemingway"In Our Time"
T.S. Eliot"The Wasteland"
William Carlos Williams"The Red Wheel Barrow"
Jean Toomer"Song of the Sun"
Langston HughesHarlem Renaissance Poems
Walt Witman"Song of Myself"
Walt Witman"Leaves of Grass"
John Dos Passos"U.S.A."
Peitro Di Donato"Christ in Concrete"
Allen GinsbergBeats Writer
Jack KerouacBeats Writer
Lawrence Ferlinghetti"I am waiting"
Don DeLillo"White Noise"

Summaries of Stories

Title of StorySummary
"The Goophered Grapevine"Uncle Julius tries to prevent the vineyard from being bought by a carpet bagger.
"Mr Cornelius Johnson"A black politician tries to make changes in Washington and sees how hard that will be.
"The Marrow of Tradition"Race Riot
"Desiree's Baby"Black child comes from two white people and the male blames the female, she then kills herself and the baby.
"The Revolt of Mother"Mother takes matters into her own hands when Father does not provide for the family.
"The Foreigner"Foreigner is brought into a town and marrys a fisherman.
"Daisy Miller" Innocent girls is seen to be a slut and dies by not following foreign conventions.
"At the Cadian Ball"Soap opera love story.
"The Storm"Another Soap Opera in which a garphic affair is depicted.
"A Man Said to the Universe"God does not take responsibility for creating man.
"The Open Boat"All but on man survive a oiler crash, the strongest man is the only one to die.
"A Deal in Wheat"A game between a bull and a bear affect many of people
"The Law of Life"An old man accepts that it is his time to die and wolves eat him.
"The Dynamo and the Virgin"Technology has crippled society, we need religion to accomplish mighty tasks.
"Mont-Saint Michel and Chartres"Technology does not create unity, look at the buildings people made for the Virgin.
"When Brer Deer and Brer Terrapin Runned a Race"Terrapin out smarts the rabbit in a race.
"Why Mr. Dog Runs Brer Rabbit"Rabbit tricks dog in fishing excursion and now the dogs hate rabbits.
"How Sandy Got His Meat"Brer Rabbit tricks frogs and helps Bear get his food.
"Who Ate Up the Butter"Rabbit eats all of the butter from a group share and gets away with it by holding a stupid contest to jump over fire.
"Fox and Rabbit in the well"Rabbit escapes fox by jumping into well and has the fox jump in to set him free.
"The Signifying Monkey"Monkey talks smack and gets messed up by a Lion.
"Malitis"Slave tricks master by killing hogs and taking them for himself when master thinks they are diseased.
"Massa and the Bear"Slave doesn't help master after master switches places with the slave.
"Talkin Bones"Talking bones result in the death of slave.
"John Steals a Pig and a Sheep"Slave pretends the animals are babies in his house and then keeps them from master.
"Old Boss Wants into Heaven"Slave is religous and makes master believe he will not go to heaven. Master is then tricked into giving the slave a lot of land.
"In Our Time" A collection of stories that deal with the disabling of men after the war.
"The Wasteland"A story that was open to some while closed to others due to the story being written in multiple langs with footnotes for everypage.
"The Red Wheel Barrow"Story focus on one object at one moment in time, a red wheel barrow.
"Song of the Sun"Shows connectedness to the past.
Langston HughesHarlem Renaissance Poems (Wants recognition of Blacks as a society)
"Song of Myself"Walt Whitmans Biography about his relationship to the universe.
"U.S.A."Newsreels and Biographies depict life after the war.
"Christ in Concrete"A Mason gets crucified during his job that he must work to provide for his family
"White Noise"Chemicals Get Out Into A Community