Genetics Exam 2

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Question Answer
TranscriptionThe Formation of an RNA molecule based upon a DNA template
Translation The Formation of a polypeptide molecule based upon an RNA template
Linked Genes Genes that are located on the same chromosomes
The One-Gene-One Polypeptide hypothesis The Theory that the function of each gene is to produce a different polypeptide or Protein
A Trans-acting factor in regulation of gene experssion A molecule either RNA or Protein that can diffuse within the nucleus and act to regulate expression of unlinked genes
Rosalind FranklinGenerated high quality X-ray diffraction images of DNA
Archibald Garrod Studied inborn errors of metabolism
Beadle and Tatum Used biochemical pathway analysis in Neurospora to discover the "One-Gene-One Polypeptide" hypothesis
Erwin ChargaffDetermined that in DNA the number of Purines equals the number of Pyrimidines
Watson and Crick Proposed a structure of DNA
Pribnow Identified consensus DNA sequences in bacterial promoters
Shine and Dalgarno Identified how the E. Coli ribosome recognized the start Codon
Consensus Sequence A functional sequence that represents the most common nucleotide found at that position
DNA Polymerase 1 Performs some DNA synthesis on the lagging strand
DNA Polymerase 3 Responsible for DNA synthesis on the leading strand
DNA Helicase Unwinds the DNA helix
DNA Ligase Closes the ssDNA nick at the end of replication
3'-5' exonuclease An activity that is responsible for proof reading
5'-3' exonuclease An activity that is required for primer removal
RNA primase Generates an oligoribonucleotide to initiate replication
OriginIs the chromosome location at which replication starts
-35 Region TTGACA
-10 Region TATAAT
Pribnow Box-10 Region TATAAT
Shine-Dalgarno Sequence GAGG
Translation Start ATG
Anticodon of 5'-GUA-3' What is the Codon5'-UAC-3' Tyr
Non-sense Mutation Change to a stop codon AAA -> TAA
Mis-Sense MutationChange in a single amino acid in a coding different than wobble AAA -> AAC
Neutral/ Silent Mutation No change in amino acid AAA -> AAG
Reversion Mutation Where a mutant allele becomes a wildtype allele through another mutation lol
Frameshift Mutation Addition or deletion of one or 2 nucleotides
Guanine and Adenine are both Purines GUWOP GUCCI
Cytosine, Thymine, and Uracil are all Pyrimidines