Genetically modified food

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selective plant breedingis the breeding of plants w/ desired characteristics (fast growing, insect resistant)
selective plant breeding will improvecrop yield but undetermine consequences bc of large numbers of genes involved
plant genetic modificationintroduces gene or genes artificially.
PGM can be described astransgenic
PGM gained knowledgeor how to cut DNA BACK TOGETHER (trecombient DNA technology

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selective plant breed occursbetween plants and animals of same species (dog-dog)
selective plant breeding is imprecise becausebreeder may not get exact results they want right away (desired gene may not have passed)
transgenic engineering can occurbetween different types of species (human-bacteria)
transgenic engineering is precise becausedesired gene is inserted into the organism
selective breeding takes a long timeto get desired results
transgenic engineering will have desired resultsmuch quicker

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(benefit) nutrionally enchancefood products (golden rice)
slows downripening of produce
tolerant to pathogenic bacter or virusesHERBICIDES (round up ready corn) and pests and insects
faster growth and increase in yields (corn soy canola salmon)
other convenient needssuch as arctic apples

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(risks) pollen pollution caused bycross pollination. GENE transfer to NON TARGET SPECIES
unintended harmto other plants and animals
effectiveness of pesticides/insectides or herbacides
unknown side effectsfor humans
economic concernsof monopolization

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