General Restorative Technique

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Section 1

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abrasionantermortem injury resulting from friction of the skin against a firm object resulting in the removal of epidermis
treatment of abrasion before embalmingcover area around abrasion with massage cream,
when to remove scabs during embalming processremove scabs after embalming is completed (irregular skin texture)
after scab is removed what happenspossibly restore with wax and cosmetic

Section 2

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lacerationwound of irregular tear of the flesh
incisionclean cut into skin and tissue
how to treat laceration and incision before embalmingpossible temp sutures, dry inside of wound with cauterant pack, apply massage cream,
how to treat laceration and incision post embalmingbrush over with sealer, pack wound with filler, remove dehydrated skin, use subcutaneous suture to close

Section 3

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discolorationany abnormal color to the body (can be removed)
stainto discolor with foreign matter; an area so discolored (cannot be removed)
lividity (livor mortis)post mortem intravascular red-blue discoloration resulting from hypostasis of blood
hypostasissettling of blood or other fluids to dependent portions of body
how to treat stainsurface compress and hypodermic bleaching
bleaching agentscavity fluid, phenol/alcohol, preservative gels, special bleaching fluids

Section 4

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adhesive taperubbing alcohol, ether
bloodcold water, ammonia
paintturpentine, paint thinner
nicotinelemon juice, household bleach
taracetone, liquid shampoo
lipstickdry cleaning solvent
greaseacetone, shampoo, gasoline
oilkerosen, gasoline
inklemon juice, petroleum jelly

Section 5

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charredreduced to carbon; the state tissues destroyed
singeto burn superficially, hair or scorched areas
1st degree burn treatmentcosmetics
2nd degree burn treatmentpop blister BEFORE embalming, surface embalm, AFTER dry, seal, and apply cosmetic
3rd degree burn treatmentexcise tissue downed to uncharred level, then follow steps for 2nd degree burn
4th degree burnnon viewable

Section 6

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undercutangled cut of the borders of an excision, which is made so that the skin surface will overhang the deeper tissue
when to perform excision of tissueAFTER embalming
external pressure (during/after embalming)weight applied to surface to prevent or reduce swelling
aspirationto draw liquids out through use of needle or baby trocar
surgical reductiontreatment for swelling for which subsurface tissues are removed by excision
chemical compressuse pack to reduce swelling
channelingcreate entry point and channel
hypertonic embalmuse a strong solution to reduce swelling
desquamtion treatmentpuncture any blisters, remove loose skin, surface compress, hypo inject, possible cosmetics

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when to inject tissue builderas the needle is slowly drawn out
eyes pont of entrybetween the lids at the inner canthus or the medial corner
supraorbital area point of entrythe eyebrows
temples point of entryouter edge of eyebrow, hairline above temple, behind top of ear, sideburn when present
cheeks point of entrybehind wing of nose, corners of mouth, outside the ear behind lobe, inside ear behind tragus, angle of the jaw
entry point for lipslateral corners at the end of line closure, behind the medial lobe
entry point for neckinside the ear, angle of the jaw
entry point for chinbehind ear lobe, lower center of chin
entry point of foreheadin the eyebrow, the hair
entry point for nosebridge of nose, inside of nose
entry point for earear lobe and beind the top of helix

Section 8

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penetratingenters, but does not exit
perforatingenetrs, but does exit
gunshot wound BEFORE embalmingcover face with cream, surface bleach if needed, compress on swollen eyes
gunshot wound DURING embalmingleave wound open
gunshot wound AFTER embalmingexcise margins around the tissue, use purse string suture
missing limbembalm limb seperately, suture muscle and skin to body, cover suture line
decapitationembalm head and trunk seperately, use 3 plastic splint to resemble, suture muscles, matric compound, suture skin
PRETREATMENT for jaundicewash body thoroughly and apply cream
DURING embalming for jaundicepre inject (no edema), arterial fluid with heavy dye, restrcited cervical, opaque cosmetics

Section 9

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ligaturea thread, cord, wire used for tying vessels, tissues, or bone
intradermal suturetype of suture used to close incisions so the suture thread remains entirely under epidermis; hidden subcutaneous suture
baseball suturetype of stich seen in a baseball cover; used for vascular our autopsy incision
worm suturemethod of sewing an incision along edges without entering opening where suture is noticeable, line of suture becomes depressed, allowing for easy cosmetics
basket weave suturenetwork of stiches employed to cross the borders of a cavity or excision, used to anchor fillers and to sustain tissue
purse string suturesuture made around the circumfrence of a circular opening or puncture to close it or old margins in place
bridge stichtemp suture consisting of indivisuallly cut and tied stiches
determines type of sutruelocation, size, purpose