General Ovarian Histopathology

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Oocyte surrounded by squamous epithelium (i.e. granulosa cells are squamous)Primordial follicle
Oocyte surrounded by columnar/cuboidal epitheliumPrimary follicle
Oocyte surrounded by cuboidal epithelium but separated from it by the zona pellucidaSecondary follicle
The membrana granulosa cells are separated by an antrum in the ______ follicleGraafian / antral
Structures produced from a thickening of the coelomic epitheliumGenital ridges (or gonadal primordia)
The primitive sex cords result from the proliferation of _____ cellsCoelomic epithelium
The primitive sex cords undergo ____ in the absence of "male signaling" involution
Some surface epithelium (=coelomic epithelium) cells at the genital ridges specialize into the _____, which will be the stroma of the ovarycortical cords
The cortical cords have both ____ cell and ____ cell characteristicsmesenchymal ; epithelial

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The oocyte stuck at prophase I is found within the _____ follicleprimordial
The Graafian follicle is AKA the _____ follicleantral
An extension of the membrana granulosa covering the oocyst when the follicle is at the antral stagecumulus oophorus
The surface epithelium (=coelomic epithelium) covering the genital ridges becomes the ovarian surface epithelium in the adult, and is a type of ______mesothelium
Usually, ovariectomy is RESERVED only for _____ (what pathology?)neoplasia
The most common ovarian lesions are non-neoplastic _____cysts

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Which is larger, a cystic follicle or a follicular cyst? (2cm threshold)Follicular cyst
Define endometriotic cystCyst formed in ECTOPIC endometrial tissue (i.e. related to endometriosis)
PCOD or PCOS = ______ syndromeStein-Leventhal
Tx of PCOS is hormonal or surgical?Hormonal
The flow of blood during menstruation (menorrhea) is affected by PCOS. What is this termed? / What is the effect?Oligomenorrhea / infrequent menstrual periods
What hormones produced in excess in PCOS account for the symptoms in these patients (e.g. obesity, hirsutism)?Androgens
Do women with PCOS ovulate?No
Are the ovaries of women with PCOS larger or smaller?Larger
In PCOS, where in the ovary are these abnormal cysts most abundant?Subcortical area of the ovary (i.e. not centrally- there's more stroma than follicles centrally)

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Do the ovaries have sensory innervation?No. That's why ovarian cancer is diagnosed late: the patient doesn't feel the changes in her ovary.
Are ovarian cysts functional?Yes
Are ovarian tumors functional?No
Some ovarian tumors are __lateral, especially if epithelial bi
Nulliparity increases or decreased the risk of ovarian cancer?Increases
Gonadal dysgenesis increases or decreases the risk of ovarian cancer?Increases
The SPECIFIC type of ovarian tumor linked to BRCA mutations is called ____ _____________serous cystadenocarcinoma
The mechanism thru which BRCA mutations lead to cancer (any) is damaged ____ _______DNA repair
50% of ovarian cancer patients have a mutation in the ____ gene (tumor suppressor gene; not BRCA)P53
30% of ovarian cancer patients have OVEREXPRESSION of the _____ gene (protooncogene)HER2/neu

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There are ___ (#) major classes/types of ovarian tumors, based on location or tissue of origin, etc.5
The most common type of ovarian cancer isSurface epithelial-stromal tumor
The 2nd most common type of ovarian cancer isGerm cell tumor
The 3rd most common type of ovarian cancer is (answer begins with a 3-letter word)Sex cord-stromal tumor
TRUE or FALSE- Secondary ovarian tumors (arising from a metastatic non-ovarian cancer) account for a significant portion of ovarian tumors.FALSE. Only up to 5% of all ovarian tumors are secondary.
Do sex cord-stromal tumors have a predilection for certain age groups?No. Sex cord-stromal tumors affect women of all ages.
Can germ cell tumors be present in a 3 year old girl?Yes. Germ cell tumors usually affect women from ages 0 to 20.
Surface epithelial-stromal tumors usually affect women ______ than 20 years.older

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