GEffenberger Western Expansion

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homestead actencouraged get people to move west. You received 160 acres, and if the land was improved in 5 years time, the land was yours.
Morrill Actstates sell land, and the money they make goes to land grant colleges
comstock lodein Nevada, the largest mine, it became a ghost town after all the silver was gone
bisonthis animal was down to a population of 200 until the government protected them
long drivethe trip cattle took to Chicago to get to the slaughter house
barbed wireenabled people to have individual farms
Gliddeninvented barbed wire
"the rain follows the plow"saying because a lot of rain followed the land being cultivated. Superstition.
womenget voting rights in the West
John Westley Powellpredicted catastrophe in West. Lack of water, etc.
Yellowstone1st national park
US Fisheries commissionregulated wild fish
why America wanted to push Indians off Western land (2)1) natural resources of gold and silver 2) transcontinental railroad
Indian reservationsnever received the money and supplies they were promised.
Dakotas in Minnesotastruck back at the White man. 400 Whites were killed, and 38 Indians were executed in the largest mass execution
Sand Creek MassacreChivington attacked Cheyennes, killed women and children
Indian cultureWhites would not understand it, forced many Indians to give up their "savage" ways and become reformers. Christianize themselves, give up their culture, etc.
Dawes Severalty Act1887 - reservations end. Individual ownership of 160 acres. Indians not happy, they are now individuals.
Supreme Court rulesCongress can make up any policy they want towards Indians
Sitting Bullwill not go on a reservation
Black Hillsgold discovered there
Sioux tribesmost dominant tribes. SD US pressures them to sell their land. Sioux says NO.
Little Big HornSioux camps out there, army comes to send them back to their reservation
Custer's Last Standwhen Sioux tribes camped out, and the US army tried to get them back to their reservations, the Sioux people put up a fight. Under leaders Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse, the Sioux tribes won. Custer, the American force leader, lost, and died.
Geronimolast Native warrior to surrender
Ghost Dancesacred dance to bring back the buffalo, and bring storm to chase out whites
wounded kneefinal massacre. Civilians and babies killed by US forces.