Geffenberger Imperialism Test DCHS

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Question Answer
Foreign Policies (3)Walk softly but carry a big stick; Dollar Diplomacy; Moral Diplomacy
Walk softly but carry a big stick (4)1.) Americans were superior people destined for supremacy; U.S. cannot rule every portion of the globe, we must balance power through negotiation rather than war; little patience for the "weaker ones" and for human rights of the weak, including Latin America and Asia; warned European powers from interefering in US interests
Dollar Diplomacy (4)Taft had more experience imperialistically than Roosevelt but did not have the same capacity for leadership and balance of it; Sec of state Knox lacked diplomatic expertise, conducted business for corporate investmetns only (dollar diplomacy); Taft believed US could substitute bullets for dollars; expand American activity into the Japanese sphere of influence (did not work)
Moral Diplomacy (4)Wilson put down uprisings in Caribbean, Dominican Republic and Haiti with military force, intervening overall in the Caribbean more than any other president before him; purchased islands to stop German influence in the Danish West Indies; wanted smaller nations to advance their own futures through democratic ideals; more and more people of the world will determine their own destinies
Hay-Herran Treatygave Panama Canal land rights to America. US had to assist an uprising to make it happen
War of 1898Cubans revolt against Spanish rule. Ended Spain's colonial empire in the Western Hemisphere and gave the United States its Pacific power.
Causes of the War of 18981.) Yellow journalism 2.) Expansionism 3.) Businessmen's investments 4.) De Lome letter leaked, insulting McKinley as a weak man and insulting the U.S. as a weak nation 5.) The Maine is Sunk
Start of the War of 1898 (2 things)War is declared in April, shots are fired in May in the Philippines to fight Spain.
Are we ready to go to war with Spain?No. We're unprepared and weak. We have improper clothes for a hot climate (wool), salty food, and no men. We have to step it up.
This U.S. force really pulled through in the War of 1898the U.S. Navy
rough ridersTeddy R recruited a diverse group of cowboys, miners, law enforcement officials, and Native Americans to join the group.
What did the rough riders do?captured Kettle Hill, then charged across a valley to seize San Juan Ridge, the most famous battle being San Juan Hill
"Splendid Little War"the war wasn't that bad, only lasted 10 weeks.
Treaty of ParisSpanish and American diplomats met in Paris to argue over the terms of peace to end the War of 1898.
what the Treaty of Paris relinquishedall of the remaining Spanish Empire (Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam, and Philippines) to US
Teller Amendmentthe US does not have any intention to control Cuba, but the US intends to make it peaceful there, and when that's accomplished, we'll leave
Platt Amendmentmade conditions for U.S. intervention into Cuban affairs and allowed the US to buy land to establish naval bases. It let US control its foreign affairs
AquinaldoPhilippino revolutionary. Let Philippines be free!
Philippine-American Warfought for 3 years against Philippine revolutionaries. US won
Jones ActPhilippines, you'll be free if you prove that you can be free
Open Door PolicyUS declared it to get in on China trade, it worked
Spheres of Influenceareas in which certain countries dominated influence over China
Boxersstaged a rebellion to rid China of the evil White Man. Caused massacres. Were defeated at Beijing.
Insular Casejust because the US put its flag there, doesn't make you a citizen
Matthew Perryeventually meets with Japanese Emperor to begin industrial movement there
matty broondogthe best of the best
Japan industryit's the first country to be industrialized itself in Asia, goes to war to claim raw materials for industry, first country to beat a European power (Russo-Japanese war)
Roosevelt CorollaryRoosevelt's big stick. despite the Monroe Doctrine of US being passive, the US is now an international police power, to avoid foreign aggression to the detriment of the entire body of American nations
Mexican leaderslots of succession as US pillages their land. Mines, taking natural resources for our economic gain, etc.
Poncho Villatakes on USA's pillaging of Mexico to seem strong as a leader, gets away with it because WWI.
Pulitzer and Hearstpractitioners of Yellow Journalism (little or no legitimacy to the news, eye-catching headlines to sell papers), bitter rivals
how we got Hawaiiwe need more military bases, let's take it over because farmers are mad at queen
countries gained from Spain (4)Guam, Cuba, Philippines, Puerto Rico
imperialisma strong nation extends its power over smaller ones
why use imperialismeconomic gain; get rid of goods and gain raw materials; militarism; national superiority to bring our values there
anti-imperialist league argumentsit's against our ideals as a nation; too much $$$; [racist] they're all uncivilized