GCSE Biology OCR B4 The processes of life

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Question Answer
What happens in the process of photosynthesis?Light energy is converted to chemical energy- end product is glucose
What does photosynthesis play a vital role in?Making energy available to organisms through food chains.
What is respiration?Process by which all organisms release energy from food
What is photosynthesis?Process by which green plants make their own food
What is given out when plants respire at night?Carbon dioxide
What do plants do during the day?Photosynthesise and respire
What do organisms use energy for?Movement and producing large molecules for growth
What chemical speeds up the rate of chemical reactions?Enzymes
What are enzymes?Proteins- they consist of long chains of amino acids joined together
How do cells assemble enzymes?Using instructions provided in genes
What are substrates?The chemicals that enzymes work on
What are products?The chemicals that are produced in the reaction
What do the order and types of amino acids in an enzyme do?Give it a 3d shape which is essential for it to work
What does the active site have?A special shape that the substrate fits into
When is product molecule released?When substrate molecules take part in the chemical reaction
What do enzymes need to work at their optimum so they don't stop working?A specific pH and temperature
What is the optimum temperature of most enzymes?37 degrees C
What happens as the temperate increases?Enzyme activity increases because the reaction rate increases
What do high temperatures do to the enzyme?Changes the shape of the active site of the enzyme
When does denaturing occur?When the change in shape is permanent

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