GC Terminal Double Stance

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What percentage of the GC does this phase make?50-62%
What is the objective of this phase?position limb for swing
What phase is the contralateral leg in?footflat
What is the position of the ankle in preswing?from 10º reaches 20º PF (due to limb being unloaded and it PF'ing over fixed fulcrum)
Does the Gastroc-Soleus activity increase or decrease in pre-swing?decrease to a cease!
How much is the ankle plantar flexed during pre-swing?20 º PF
What is the position of the subtalar joint in pre-swing?neutral
What is the position of the knee in pre-swing?rapid knee flexion to about 40 degrees
How is the knee unlocked to flex during pre-swing?By motion and action at the ankle
In a natural pace, knee flexion is active in pre-swing, T or F?False-passive motion during natural pace.
When walking in a faster pace, which muscles acts to decelerate excessive passive knee flexion in pre-swing?The rectus femoris
When the RF eccentrically fires to deccelerate passive knee flexion (faster pace), where does the energy get transfered to, and what is the purpose of this? in pre-swing.It transfers the energy to the hip to augment hip flexion concentrically.
What is the position of the hip in pre-swing?Neutral or slightly extended (0-20º), but does fall forward due to momentum and unlocking of the knee.
Which muscle may fire in hip positioning, acting as an energy transfer strap?The rectus femoris,
What is the position of the pelvis in pre-swing?5 degrees of backward rotation and anterior tilt.


Question Answer
By toe-off, what has happened to the GRF?reaction has lost most of its significance
Hip muscle activityAdductors stabilize weight shift across midline to other foot
Knee muscle activityfemur flexes forward due to gravity and momentum, may be facilitated by hams, adductor longus, rectus femoris, sartorius
If the rectus femoris is not restraining rapid passive KF, then it issilent
Ankle muscle activitypassive tension in PF facilitates KF and then decease to zero in prep for toe off

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