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Gait And Conformation

Updated 2008-11-12 02:12

Forelimb interference and faults with gait

BrushingLight contact, usually between inner surfaces of limbs
ScalpingToe of forefoot hits at or above coronary band of hind limb on same side
CrossfiringInside of hind foot strikes inside quarter of opposite fore foot
ForgingToe of hind foot strikes sole of fore foot on same side
OverreachingToe of hind foot catches forelimb on same side. May pull shoe off or lacerate heel, fetlock or flexor
Speedy-cuttingLoose term for any kind of limb contact at speed
Elbow-hittingShoe hits elbow during flexion of knee.
Winginghoof swings in, close to opposite limb during flight
PaddlingHoof swings out, away from opposite limb during flight
PlaitingEach forefoot is placed directly in front of the other

Fore and hind limb conformation

Question Answer
Carpal valguscarpus deviates inwards
Carpal varuscarpus deviates outwards
Bench kneescarpus is offset laterally
Base narrowFeet less than shoulder width apart
Base wideFeet more than shoulder width apart
Standing underForelimb caudal to perpendicular
Standing campedForelimb cranial to perpendicular
Sickle hocksHind limb curves caudally
Straight hocksExcessively upright hind limbs
Cow hocksHocks close, base wide below hock
Pastern axisThe angle of pastern with ground
Foot axisThe angle of hoof wall with ground
Broken axisFoot and pastern have different angles


Question Answer
WalkA four beat diagonal gait in eight phases, second half is mirror of first
TrotA two beat diagonal gait, with two moments of suspension
PaceAn artificial two beat lateral gait with two moments of suspension
CanterA three beat unequal gait
Transverse gallopA four beat unequal gait with one moment of suspension at the end of the cycle
Rotary gallopA four beat unequal gait with two moments of suspension