G Effenberger DCHS WW1 Test

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Question Answer
Balkan peninsulaPowder keg of Europe
Causes of WWI (5)nationalism; expansionism; alliances; militarism; assassination of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria
Central Powers (4)Germany, AH, Turkey, Bulgaria
Allies (4)GB, France, Italy, Russia
WW1 known asthe Great War
expected turnout of Great Warquick victory
"scrap of paper"Belgium's treaty of neutrality with Germany wasn't honored, just a scrap of paper
war progressed here before US got instalemate
US's first side during warneutral
most americans sympathize withAllies
this sea is minedNorth Sea
Germany's big advantage at seaUBoats, Unterseeboats
Lusitania5/1/1915 - Germany says it'll stop
Sussex PledgeGermany won't sink anything that doesn't have any ammunition on it
Wilson's UltimatumHe sends it to Germany, US will prepare for war
1916 election saying"He kept us out of war" [Wilson]
Republican in 1916 electionHughes
Germany is victorious before US entry with...sub warfare
diplomatic relations with Germany and USUS cuts it off
April 6, 1917War is declared
why we went to war - sayingThe world must be kept safe for democracy
causes of US entry into WWI1) unrestricted sub warfare 2) czar of Russia deposed (dictator) now we're willing to fight with Russia 3) loans 4) "safe for democracy" -Wilson 5) Zimmerman Note - Germany tries to get Mexico in
AEFAmerican Expeditionary Forces - "doughboys" -Pershing
trench warfare"no man's land"
1917Germany and AH crush Italy
1918, MarchRussia signs peace with Germany, facing revolution
Germany focuses on this after Russia treatyFrance
Cheateau Thierry50 miles away from Paris
Americans in war1 million
1918, NovemberArmistice signed
Big 4Wilson USA; George GB; Clemenceau France; Orlando Italy