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Question Answer
thiopentalinduction, apnea, cumulative response,TREATS seizures
methohexitalnot induction, more potent, less side effects than thiopental. causes seizures
propofolallergic reaction, induction or conscious sedation, apnea. less post op nausea or vomiting
ketaminepsychodelic, used with peds, stimulates CV
dexmedtomidineselective alpha 1 agonist- decreases MAC
Benzodiazapinediazapam and midazolam
diazapamthrombophelobitis. long lasting
midazolamwater soluble but then in body is lipid soluble and goes through BBB. no vein irritants
antitrussive and decreases MAC and causes emesisopiods
morphinedoesnt cross BBB, no CV issues but yes to RP depression
meperidineoutpt sedation with dental. STOPS vagus- no secretion.
fentanyl100X than morphine.
alfetanilanalogue to fentanyl but less potent and 1/3 duration.
sutfentanil5 to 10 more potent than fentayl.
promethanzineH1 blocker- peds consious sedation
hydroxyzineh1 blocker
alchol sedation?chloral hydrate.
antimuscarnicscopolamine - will reduce sedation