Fundamental Rights

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14 to 18Equality - "Law removes all DOUbT - Key words Law, Discrimination ,opportunity, untouchability , Titles"
196 Freedoms - "SAAM Resides in Poland - Speech and Expression , Assembly, Association, Movement ,Reside and Settle, Proffession"
20 ,21, 21A, 22"CLEAR - Conviction ,Life and Liberty, Education ,Arrest"
23-24Exploitation of Women and Children still occurs - Traffic of human Beings, Child Labour
25-28Conscience, manage, tax, attendance - Con Man evades tax attendance
14 to 28LAW removes DOUbT and Provides 6 freedoms and protection against government . But Exploitation of Women and Children still occurs. And Con Man uses it to evade tax attendance"


Question Answer
Habeaus corpusto have body of against public or private - Body
MandamusWe order - duty public official - discretionary = no - Order
Prohibitionto Forbid - HC to LC - excess jurisdiction - tribunals =yes - Forbid
Certiorarito be certified - HC to LC - transfer a case or squash an order - Judicial,semi judicial and Administrative - certificate
Quo Warrantoby what warrant - Authority or claim of a person to office - can be sought by any person - not only aggreived - warrant"