Functional term vocab

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– This is the highest level of teamwork. All members are openly supportive of each other as well as openly expressive. The Team quickly resolves disagreements. An intuitive reaction between members occurs at this stage.performing
The first instance a team is together. They have little to no understanding of goals or acceptance of one another. Interpersonal communication is low-level and sporadic.forming
When the first conflicts arise. Some members are defensive and competitive. The team notices power struggles developing at this point.storming
This stage occurs when members become more comfortable with themselves. This also is triggered by their first success, a sense of cohesion develops. One or more teammates trusting in one another begins.norming
A group of people pooling knowledge, skills, and talents to attain a common goal or shared
An integration of people, material, methods, and machines used to produce, with value added, output for customers.process
– Quality as defined by TQM: “Quality is determined by the customer.”quality
– The person(s) who will use the output directly or who utilize it as an input into their work process.customer
Total Quality Management: A process developed by Dr. W. Ed Deming to increase productivity through quality control techniques.tqm
The goods or services a company produces for its customer to their specifications.product