Function and structures of the ear

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earsthe receptor organs of hearing
auditorypertaining to the sense of hearing
acousticpertaining to sound or hearing
pinnaauricle;outer ear; captures sound waves and transmits them into the external auditory canal
external auditory canaltransmits sound waves to the tympanic membrane in the middle ear
cerumenear wax; secreted by glands in the ear canal; keeps debris and bacteria out of the ear
middle eartransmits sound across the space between the outer ear and inner ear
tympanic membraneeardrum;transmits sound waves by vibrating
mastoid processthe temporal bone containing hollow air space that surrounds the middle ear
auditory ossiclesthree small bones within the middle ear; transmit sound waves from the eardrum to the inner ear by vibrations
malleus bonehammer
incus boneanvil
stapes bonestirrup

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eustachian tubesauditory tubes;narrow tubes that lead from the middle ear to the nasal cavity and throat;purpose is to equalize air pressure
inner earcontains sensory receptors for hearing and balance
labyrinthstructures of the inner ear
oval windowthe membrane that separates middle ear from the inner ear
cochleasnail-shaped structure of the inner ear where sound vibrations are converted into nerve impulses
organ of Cortireceives the vibrations from the cochlear duct and relays them to the auditory nerve fibers
semicircular canalscontain the liquid endolymph and sensitive hair-like cells;maintain equilibrium
acoustic nervestransmit information to the brain
air conductionprocess by which sound waves enter the ear through the pinna and travel down the external auditory canal until they strike the tympanic membrane
bone conductionoccurs as the eardrum vibrates and causes the auditory ossicles of the middle to vibrate;sound waves travel through the middle ear to the oval window
sensorineural conductionwhen sound waves reach the inner ear the structures of the inner ear receive the sound waves and relay them to the auditory nerve to take them to the brain

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