Fulco Quiz 2

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Section 1

Question Answer
Contrived adj- deliberately created to look more artificial
Interminableadj- having or seeming to have no end
intermittentadj- not constant or steady
ebbverb- gradually lesson or decrease
regressverb- to return to former or less developed state
compendiumnoun- collection of detailed info about particular subject that has been systemically gathered
clandestineadj- done secretely
inexorableadj- impossible to prevent or stop
clamoredverb- shouting loudly
myriadadj- large quantity/countless

Section 2

Question Answer
furtiveadj- attempting to avoid notice or attention typically bc of guilt that discovery will lead to trouble
geniallyadverb- warmly cheerful; cordial
inscrutableadj- impossible to understand
repositoriesnoun- building or room where things are stored
multifariousadj- having many parts or aspects
protuberantadj- protruding
derisiveadj- expressing contempt or ridicule (mocking)
vapidadj- lacking liveliness
stridentadj- sounding harsh and unpleasant
formidableadj- inspiring great fear or respect through being intense or powerful