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Question Answer
What is a usually round, edible fruit from a tree?Apple
What is a tropic fruit that is of the yellow tint?Banana
What is a light pinkish yellow fruit that comes from a tree?Peach
What is a red-heart shaped fruit that can be made in pies, cakes, and other desserts?Strawberry
What is a small, round, blue fruit that can be baked inside muffins?Blueberry
What is the fruit that has a yellow-brown body with green leaves at the top and is usually pokey?Pineapple
What is the fruit that comes in many different colors and when dried is called a raisin?Grape
What is a fruit that needs to be peeled before eating and makes great as a juice?Orange
What is the type of fruit that is grown in the ground and is very big and round?Watermelon
What fruit is is black, redish-purple that can be baked with cobblers and pies?Blackberry