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Why was Freud considered (and still considered) to be a controversial figure is psychology?Personality is set at an early age. Humans are driven by sex and aggression. Children have sexual and hostile impulses. Women are inferior to men.
TransferenceThe process of a patient inappropriately projecting feelings from previous relationships onto a therapist
Free AssociationA therapeutic technique devised by Freud to encourage patients to report spontaneously any thoughts or fantasies that occur to them.
Over-determinationIn dream interpretation, the idea that several unconscious ideas band together to contribute to one common manifest element
CatharsisA release of emotions by expressing them
Countertransferrenceprocess of a therapist inappropriately projecting feelings or emotions from previous relationships onto patient

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Anna O. develops transference as a result of therapy sessions with...Dr. Breur- he develops countertransference
Anna O. lost her...Father-father issues
Anna O. is jealous/resentful of...Dr. Breur's wife- gave birth before anna's loss.
Dr. Breuer is attracted to...His patient Anna O. - has a complementary family history
Dr. Breuer has issues with his...His mother's death- she died when he was young.

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Frau Emmy Von N. is accused of...Her husbands death
Emmy experiences physical symptoms such as...Bizarre facial expressions, muscle spasms

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RepressionMotivated forgetting or amnesia characterized by its unconscious, automatic nature; serves to keep painful, undesirable or anxiety provoking thoughts out of consciousness
Pressure or concentration techniquemethod used to aid patient in remembering hidden thoughts; Places hand on patient’s forehead and they speak freely of what comes to mind.
RegressionThe return to an earlier stage of psychosexual development
LibidoBiological force underlying the individual's pleasure-seeking activity
SuppressionThe conscious or deliberate avoidance of threatening ideas

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Seduction theoryChildren are sexual beings

They actively pursue sensual experiences

As children and later as adults  transform impulses into fantasies, and sometimes further transform them into “false memories of abuse” (seduction is more ego gratifying)
Reasons freud abandoned seduction theory1. Rejection from professional community

2. Guilt over Emma Eckstein case; Freud and his colleague
almost killed a patient (relied on Fliess’ theory)

Freud cannot blame Fliess (friend and colleague)

(Unconsciously) Freud adopts a “blame the victim”

3. Rumors that Wilhelm Fliess may have abused one of his
Conclusion about regressiontoo difficult to assess due to ethical reasons

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Oral stagebirth-2 years
Oral stage physical focusMouth, lips tongue, thumb
Psychological Theme (Oral Stage)Dependency
Needs not met (Oral Stage Adult characteristic type)mistrust, fear intimacy, fear dependency, refuse help
Needs met too easily (Oral stage Adult characteristic type)dependent, clingy, entitled, passive, irresponsible


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Anal Stage2-4 years
Anal stage Physical focusThe anus, bowels
Anal stage Psychological themeSelf control
Excessive Demand for Control (Anal Stage Adult Character Type)Obsessive, Compulsive, Stingy, Orderly, Crave Structure, Emotionally Constricted, “Anal Retentive”
Insufficient Demand for Control (Anal Stage Adult Character Type)Poor self-control, disorganized, loose emotional boundaries (dump their feelings/issues), “Anal Expulsive”


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Phallic Stage4- 6 years
Phallic Stage Physical focusThe penis (for both sexes), skin
Phallic Stage Psychological themesGender identity, respect for authority
Phallic Stage BoysAttracted to mother, Notice anatomical differences (girls – lack penis), Develop castration anxiety, Abandon desire for mother, Adopt values of father (moral development)
Phallic Stage GirlsAttracted to father, Notice anatomical differences (girls – penis), Develop penis envy, Desire to marry father and have a boy.
Oedipal Complex (Phallic Stage Adult Character Type)Unable to marry another woman, “Marry one’s mother” (Hitchcock’s Psycho)
Electra Complex (Phallic Stage Adult Character Type)Can’t marry another man, “Marry one’s father” Freud’s cases (e.g.: Anna O.)


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Latent Stage6 - 11 years
Latent Stage No particular libidinal zoneSexuality lies 'dormant'
Latent Stage developmental issueRepression of pregenital forms of libido; learning culturally appropriate shame and disgust for inappropriate love objects


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Genital StageAdolescence - Adulthood final stage
Genital Stage libidoBiologically capable of procreating, the pubescent child’s sexuality is no longer dominated by its earlier infantile aim of the attainment of pleasure
Genital Stage libidinal objectHeterosexual partner