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French Revolution Review

Updated 2008-06-05 01:47

French Revolution Review

Numbers are numbers of which phase


Word to define/ key worddefinition/ answer
5 PhasesQuiet Unrest, Moderate Reform, Radicals Take Over, Reaction to the Violence, A Strong Leader emerges
Quiet Unrest CausesOld Regime
Political Causesdivine right absolute monarchy, letter de cachet, English and American revolutions 1
Economic Causesheavy taxes, poor crops, nation near bankruptcy due to foreign wars and the Palace of Versailles 1
Social Causesestates system with no social mobility, first and second estates had privileges but the third did not, and the enlightenment thinkers 1
Immediate CauseLouis XVI called Estates-General's unfair voting practices 1
At First Estate 1 pop., represent., votes1%, 300, 1, Clergy-no taxes
At First Estate 2 pop., represent., votes2%, 300, 1, Nobles-no taxes
At First Estate 2 pop., represent., votes97%, 600, 1, Bourgeoisie-wealthy no land, Peasants and city workers
Who was blamed for French RevolutionLouis 14
Moderate Reform1789-1791
Tennis Court Oath3rd estate wouldn't leave until National Assembly established 2
Decrees of August 4thlaws/reforms 2
Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizenincorporated enlightenment ideas-people equal before law, etc. 2
Civil Constitution of the Clergysell church lands 2
Storming of the Bastilletried to steal weapons to defend National Assembly, mob 2
Great Fearsmall amount of violence from peasants 2
Who was happy at this pointBourgeoisie 2
Constitution of 1791established a constitutional or limited monarchy 2
National Conventionwrote a new constitution creating a republic 3
Committee of Public SafetyRobespierre, Daton, Marat 3
Reign of TerrorJacobins set out to crush all oppositions in France 3
Girondistsmoderate radicals 3
Jacobinsextreme radicals 3
Who killed the king, queen, and many othersRadicals 3
Foreign invasionsRadicals 3
conscriptiondraft 3
The Directorya republic, 5 man board, weak & corrupt 4
Napoleon Bonaparte was elected bycoup d' etat, quick seizure of power, 5
Napoleon's positiondictator then emperor 5
Domestic Policiespolicies 5
Code NapoleonPublic Education-lycees; public works 5
Conscriptionalso in 5
Bank of Franceall taxed 5
Concordat of 1801Catholic church is the dominant church of France 5
Foreign PoliciesPolicies 5
Imperialism of Europeextension of authority over 5
Continental Systemeconomic boycott of Great Britain 5
Replace leaders of European countries withfriends/relatives 5
Invade Russiascorched earth, winter, big 5
The Hundred DaysNapoleon came back and reigned as emperor 5
WaterlooNapoleon's final defeat 5
Spread ideas of the French Revolutionliberty, equality, and fraternity
Latin America Independencemovements
Congress of ViennaPrince Metternich for order
Reactionaryreact to violence
More ResultsLegitimacy, compensation(territorial changes), balance of power, Quadruple Alliance(Great Britain, Austria, Prussia, Russia)