French 105 - verbs

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French Module 4 – Work and Leisure

Verbs pt1 – module 4

Question Answer
aiderto help
allerto go
aller voirto go see , visit a person
commencer (*only 3rd person form)to begin
se coucherto go to bed
se dépêcherto hurry
faireto do ; to make
faire du françaisto study French
faire du travail bénévoleto do charity , volunteer work
faire du véloto go bake riding
faire la cuisineto cook
fair le ménageto do housework
faire les coursesto go (grocery) shopping
faire les devoirsto do homework
faire une promenadeto take a walk
faire un randonnéeto take a hike , an excursion
faire un stageto do an internship
faire un voyageto take a trip

Verbs pt2 – module 4

Question Answer
finir (*only 3rd person form)to finish , end
gagnerto earn
s’habillerto get dressed
jouer àto play (a sport)
jouer au tennis / au volleyto play tennis / volleyball
jouer aux cartesto play cards
jouer deto play (a musical instrument)
jouer de la guitare / du pianoto play the guitar / piano
se leverto get up
pratiquer un sportto practice (play) a sport
se relaxerto relax
réparerto repair
se retrouverto meet up with
skierto ski

Verbs pt3 – module 4

Question Answer
cultiverto cultivate ; to grow
défendreto defend
déjeunerto eat lunch
déposerto leave , drop off
dessinerto draw , design
emmenerto take (a person)
employerto employ
enseignerto teach
explorerto explore
faire la grass matinéeto sleep in
faire la siesteto take a nap
s’occuper deto take care of
organiserto organize
rentrerto return (home)
répéterto rehearse
retournerto return
taper (à l’ordinateur)to type (on a computer)
verifierto verify , check

Verbs pt1 – module 5

Question Answer
aller en boîteto go to a club
aller voirto go see
apprendreto learn
attendreto wait for
boireto drink
commanderto order (at a café , restaurant)
comprendreto understand
desirerto want
devoirmust , to have to ; to owe
discuter (de)to discuss
dormerto sleep
entendreto hear
faire la connaissance (de)to meet , to make someone’s acquaintance
inviterto invite
laisser un messageto leave a message

Verbs pt2 – module 5

Question Answer
partir (en vacances)to leave , to depart (on vacation)
perdreto lose
pouvoircan , to be able to
prendreto take ; to have food
rappelerto call back
renderto return (something)
réponderto answer
servirto serve
sortirto leave , to exit ; to go out
vendreto sell
vouloirto want
appelerto call
continuerto continue

Verbs pt1 – module 6

Question Answer
choisirto choose
contribuerto contribute
envoyerto send
grandirto grow ; to grow up
grosserto gain weight
s’informerto be informed
maigrirto lose weight
obéir (à)obey
raconterto tell
réagir (à)to react (to)
réfléchir (à)to think about
réussir (à)to succeed
vivre (p.p._vécu)to live

Verbs pt2 – module 6

Question Answer
accrocherto hook ; to hitch on
agirto act
amenerto bring
conduireto drive
courir (p.p._couru)to run
créerto create
découvrir (p.p._découvert)to discover
fonderto found
s’informerto keep up with the news

Verbs pt3 – module 6

Question Answer
libérerto liberate
lire (p.p._lu)to read
obtenir (p.p._obtenu)to obtain
rangerto put ; to arrange
recevoir (p.p._reçu)to receive
reviserto review
tenir (p.p._tenu)to hold
tenir àto want
vaincreto vanquish ; to beat

Verbs that use être in Passé Composé (must agree with subject) – module 6

Question Answer
allerto go
arriverto arrive
partirto leave
sortirto go out ; to leave
resterto stay
venir (p.p._venu)to come
devenir (p.p._devenu)to become
revenir (p.p._revenu)to come back
entrer (dans)to enter
rentrerto return (home)
monterto go up
descendreto go down ; to get off
mourir (p.p._mort / morte)to die
naître (p.p._né / née)to be born
passerto pass (by)
réserverto reserve
retournerto return
tomberto fall
tomber en panneto break down

Verbs pt1 – module 7

Question Answer
acheterto buy
appelerto call
s'appelerto be named
avoir faimto be hungry
avoir soifto be thirsty
commanderto order
espérerto hope (for)
être au régimeto be on a diet
mettre (la table)to put ; to set (the table)
oublierto forget
réserverto reserve

Verbs pt2 – module 7

Question Answer
ajouterto add
conseillerto recommend , to advise
couperto cut
se débrouillerto manage , to make do
éviterto avoid
goûterto taste
grignoterto snack
mélangerto mix
promettreto promise

Verbs pt1 - module 8

Question Answer
chasserto chase
comparerto compare
copierto copy
critiquerto criticize
direto say , to tell
donnerto give
écrireto write
emprunterto borrow

Verbs pt2 - module 8

Question Answer
être à la modeto be in fashion
expliquerto explain
irriterto irritate
lireto read
partagerto share
poser (une question)to ask (a question)
prêterto loan , to lend
raconterto tell a story
ressemblerto resemble
se souvenir deto remember (conjugated like venir)

Verbs pt3 - module 8

Question Answer
avoir peurto be afraid
se comporterto behave (some self)
conduire (p.p. conduit)to drive
décrireto describe
ennuyerto bother
envoyerto send
influencerto influence
jouer à la poupéeto play with dolls

Verbs pt1 – module 9

Question Answer
connaîtreto know , to be acquainted , familiar with (people, places)
continuerto continue
faire des projetsto make plans
faire le tour du mondeto travel around the world
faire ses bagagesto pack one’s suitcases
penser àto think about
renseignerto give information to
savoirto know (information)to know how
se trouverto be located
visiterto visit (a place)
faire un tourto go on a ride
se dépayserto have a change of scenery