Frankenstein quotes

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Walton's mythical country'eternal light'
Walton's reason for journey'I shall saliate my ardent curiosity' 'glory'
Victor's reaction to the monster'A flash of light illuminated the object' 'wretch' 'hideous' 'filthy daemon'
Justine's stoicism'I am resigned' 'submit in patience'
Victor's ambition'one thought, one conception, one purpose'
Victor's feelings about life at home in Geneva'secluded and domestic' 'cooped up'
Descriptions of scenery'elevated me' 'magnificent Mont Blanc' 'wonderful and sublime' 'tremendous dome' 'mighty'
Geneva'scene so beautiful and heavenly'
Descriptions of Elizabeth 'saintly soul' 'celestial eyes'
Victor's description of his ambition'fatal impulse'
Victor taking responsibility 'Had I a inflict this curse upon everlasting generations'
Elizabeth's hopes for the future'placid contenment'
Victor's idyllic childhood'I was their plaything and their idol'
Victor about Elizabeth'heaven sent' 'celestial lamp' 'cherub' 'shed radiance' 'till death she was to be mine only'
Monsters listened to history and formulated conclusion'Was powerful, so virtuous and magnificent , yet so vicious and base'
Monster asks basic philosophical questions'Who was I?'
Monsters reasoning for murders'I am malicious because I am miserable'
Monsters despair'I am an outcast in the world forever'
Gothic style of creatures birth'Corpse of my dead mother' 'grave worms' 'grin wrinkled his cheeks'
Description of his home'blue lacked and snow clad mountains'
Victor's realization home is best'how much happier that man is who believes his native town to be the world'
Victors hopes for the monster'a new species would bless me as its creator'
Victors father about his mother'he strove to shelter her'
Victor's reason for telling the story'I imagine that you may deduce an apt moral from my tale'
Differences between Elizabeth and Victor's attitude to nature'appearances of things' investigating their causes'
Victor's motivation'the secrets of heaven and hell'
Monsters reason for murder'barbarity of man'
Power of nature'sombre' 'severity' 'wreaths' 'melancholy' 'awful majesty'
Walton's description of Victor'Interesting creature' 'wildness and even madness' 'gentle yet so wise'
Victors description of his ambition'Have you drunk also of the intoxicating draught'
Allusion to Coleridge's 'Ancient Mariner''I shall kill no albatross'
Walton's needs'I have no friend'