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what are rifts?Rifts are long,deep valleys formed by the movement of the earths crust.
what is a savannah?A savannah is an opened grassland with scattered trees.
why do you think miners kept the location of the gold mines a secret?I think that they kept the gold mines a secret so no one could rob the gold.
In what directions did the main trade items of West Africa move?The main trade items of West Africa moved north.
what is animism?Animism is the belief that bodies of water,animals,trees,and other natural objects have spirits.
what are proverbs?Proverbs are short saying if wisdom or truth.
what is oral history?oral history is a spoken record of past events.
what ars griots?Griots are the West African story tellers.
what is silent barter?A silent barter is a process in which people exchange goods without ever contacting each other directly.
where did first civilization start?Civilization first started in Africa.

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