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Question Answer
Simple (closed) Bone fragments DO NOT penetrate the skin
Compound (open) Bone fragments DO penetrate the skin
Incomplete (partial) Bone continuity IS NOT completely interrupted
Complete Bone continuity IS completely interrupted
Comminuted Bone breaks into separate small pieces
Impacted One bone fragment is forced into another
Nondisplaced The two sections of bone maintain essentially normal alignment
overridingFragments overlap, shortening the total bone length
Angulated Fragments lie at an angle to each other
Displaced Fracture fragments separate and are deformed

Section 2

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Segmental Fractures occur in two adjacent areas with an isolated central segment
Avulsed Fragments are pulled from normal position by muscle contractions or ligament resistance
Linear The fracture line runs parallel to the bones axis
SpiralThe fracture line crosses the bone at an oblique angle, creating a spiral pattern
Longitudinal The fracture line extends in a longitudinal direction along the bone's axis
TransverseThe fracture line forms a right angle with the bone's axis
Oblique The fracture line crosses the bone at roughly a 45-degree angle to the bone's axis