Foundations Test 1 Study Guide 1 OFM

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Specific skills are looked at in the OFM to assess and treat a person with an occupational dysfunction secondary to what?Physical impairment
What is a conceptual model in the OFM?A representation of an object or process that indicates how various parts fit into a whole or work together for a particular purpose
Conceptual models are meant to be used in conjunction with what?OTPF
What is the focus of the OFM?guides assessment and treatment of persons with physical dysfunction leading to competence in occupational performance and subsequent feelings of self-empowerment
Primary belief is that people who are _______ in their life roles experience a sense of self efficacy, self esteem and life satisfactioncompetent- competency is related to satisfaction or a postiive quality of liffe
According to the OFM what is the goal of treatment?enable competent engagement in valued roles whether by restored self performance or by directing others
The OFM shares a common lanugage with what?ICF International Classification of Functioning
What are capacities?voluntary response that have developed form first level capacities
This is a definition of what? the reflexive subroutines of voluntary movement and behavior. These functional foundation for movement and behavior include sensorimotor, cognitive-perceptual and socioemotional capacities. first level capacities
What is included under the enviroment and contexts of the OFM?Physical, personal, cultural, social, temporal, and situational
What is the goal of therapy according to the OTPFsupport health and participation in life through engagement in occupation
What are the outcomes of the OFM?Satisfacotry ccupational performance to allow expected dischage success; Voices or otherwise indicated, sens of self efficacy and self esteem; Prevention of further disability throug education and follow up if necessary
What is the domain of the OFM?limited to practice for those with physical dysfunction
Is the OFM hierarchical?yes; successful performance of higher occupations depends on lower abilities, skills and capacities
What is the process of the OFM?evaluation, planing, treatment, reevaluation
Role performance; task anc activity performance; skills abilities; developed capacities; first level capacties and organic substrate as needed; And env and contextual influences of performance are apart of what?Evaluation
Does the OFM follow a top down evaluation professyes
This equates to the higher levels of the OFM, at which the person tries to accomplish a functiaonal goal (and activity or task) by using whatever skills, abilities, habits, and capacities he or she hasOccupation as an end
This is the theray used to bring about changes in impaired capacities and performance skills. Occupation as a means have the skills that are sufficient or adequate to meet the demands of a situation or task
How does competence develop?by enabling a person to engage in graduated, gaol directed activity that is accomplishable by that person and that produces a feeling of satisfaction
What are the three domains of roles in the OFM?self maintainence self advancement and self enhancement
Self maintenance is a domain of a role in the OFM what does self maintenance meanSelf-maintenance: maintenance of the self and care of the family, pets and home
Self Advancement is on of the domains of a role in the OFM what does it meandraw the person into productive act4ivities that add to the person’s skills, possessions or betterment. EX: worker, student, shopper, investor
Self-enhancement is one of the domains of a role in the OFM what does it meancontribute to the person’s sense of accomplishment and enjoyment or sense of well-being and happiness
What is: reflect the organization of first-level capacities into more mature, less reflexive, and more voluntary response. Ex: graded release, pinch Developed capacities
__________is used to encompass all that influences any aspect of human functioning, including physical, social, personal, temporal, and situational influences as wee as familial and cultural beliefs and practices that influence the life or an individual. context
Assessment in the OFM alway follows a _____ _______ approachtop down
Treatment in the OFM may focus on 4 whato May focus on changing the env, changing the impaired skills and abilities of the person, teaching specific tasks or activities using goal-directed training or teaching compensatory ways to accomplish activities and tasks.