Foundations quiz 4 context and env

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customs, beliefs, activity patterns, behavioral standards, and expectations accepted by the society of which a client is a member, This cultural context influences the clients identiy and activity choicescultural context
a person delivering Thanksgiving meals to homebound indiviudalsperson: cultural context
employees marking the end of the work week with causal dress fridaygroup; cultural context
people engaging in an afternoon siesta or high teapopulation; cultural context
features of the individual that are not part of a health conditionor heal status. the personal context includes age, gender, sES, and educational status and can also include group membership (volunteers, employees) and population membership (members of society)personal context
a 25 year old unemplyoed man with ahigh school diplomaperson; personal context
volunteers working in a homeless sheltergroup; personal context
older drivers learning about community mobility optionspopulation; personal context
the experience of time as hapted by engagement in occupations; ther temporalaspects of occupation that contribute to the patterns of daily occupatons include rhythm temps synchronization duration and sequence. The temporal context includes stage of life, time of day or year, duration and rythm of activity adn historytemporal context
a person reired from work for 10 yearsperson; temporal context
a community organizations annual fundraising campaigntemporal context
people celebrating independence day 4th of Julytemporal context
environment in which communication occurs by means of airwaves or computers and in the absene of physical contact. The virtual context includes simulated, real time or near rime env such as chat rooms, email, vieo conferencing or radio transmissions; remote monitoring via wireless sensors; or computer based data collectionvirtual context
friends who text virtual context
members who participate in a video conference. telephone conference call , instant messaage or interactive white board usevirtual context
virtual community of gamersvirtual context
natural and built nonhuman surroundings and the objects in them. the natural env includes geographic terrian, plants and anmals as well as the sensory qualities of the surroundings. THe build env inclludes buildings, furiture, tools and deicesphysical env
individuals house or apartmentphysical env
office building or factoryphysical env
trasportation systemphysical env
presence of reationships with and expectations of persons groups or populations with whom clients have contact. THe social env includes aaliability and expecations of signifcant individuals such as spouse friends and caregivers; realtionships with individuals groups or populations; and relationships with sytsms athat influence norms, role execations and social routinessocial env
friends, colleaguessocial envv
occupational therapy students conducting a class get togethersocial env
people influenced by a city govenrmentsocial env