Foundations quiz 2 client factors

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What is in the values, beliefs, and spirituality category?values, beliefs, spirituality,
Definition of valuesacquired beliefs and commitments, derived from culture, about what is good, right and important to do.
honesty with self and others is a part of what subcategoryvalues person
commitment to family and obligation to provide a service is a part of what subcategoryvalues person
definition of beliefscognitive content held as true by or about the client
freedom of speech falls, equal opportunities for all and tolerance toward others is a part what subcategoryvalues population
one is powerless to influence others, hard work pays off is a part of what subcateorybeliefs person
some personal rights are worth fighting for and a new health care policy, as yet untried, will postively affect society is a part of what subcategorybeliefs group and population
definition of spiritualitythe aspect of hymanity that refers to the way individuals seek and express meaning and purpose and the way they experience their connectedness to the moment, to self, to others, to nature and the the significan or sacred
daily search for pupose and meaning is ones life and guidance of actions by a sense of values beyond the personal acquistition of wealth or famespirituality person
common search for purpose and meaning in life, and guidance of action by balues agreed on by the collectivie is part of what subcategotyspirituality group and population
definition of body functions categorythe physiological function of body systems.
major subcategories of body functionmental function, specific mental function, global mental function, sensory functions, neuromusculoskeletal and movement related functions, muscle funtions, movement function; cardiovasuclar hematological immunological and respiratory system function; voice and speech funtions digestive metabolic and endocrin system functions genitourinar and repro functions; skin and related structre function
what falls under specific mental functionhigher level congitive, attention, memory, perception, thought, mental functions of sequencing comple movement, emotional and experience of self and time
define higher level cognitivejudgement, concept formation, metacognition, executive functions, praxis. cognitive flexibility insight
sustained shifting adn divided attention, concentration, distractibilityattention apart of specific mental functions
short term, tong term, and working memorymemory specific mental function
discrimintation of senstaion (auditory, tactile, visual, olfactory, gustatory, vestibular, proprioceptive)perception specific mental function
control and content of thought, awaraeness of reality vs. delusions, logical and coherent thoughtthought specific mental function
mental functions that regulate the speed, response, quality and time of motor production such as restlessness, toe tapping, or hand wringing, in response to inner tensionmental function s of sequencing complex movement- specific mental function
awareness of one's identity, body, and postion in the reailty of one's environment and of timeexperience of self and time- specific mental funtion
sate of awareness and alertness, including the clarity and o=continuity of hte wakeful stateconciousness-global mental function
orientation to person place, time, self and othersorientation global mental function
extroversion, introversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional staiity, openness to expeirence, self control, self expression, confiencne, motivation, impusle control, appetitetemperament and personality global mental function
energy level, motivation, appetite, craving, impulse controlenergy and drive global mental function
physiological process, quality of sleepsleep global menatl function
quality of visiton, visual acquity, visual stability, and visual field functions to promote viusla awareness of env at various distance for functioningvisual functions- sensory function
sound detection and discrimination, awareness of location and distance of soundhearing function sensory function
sensation related to postion, balance, and secure movement against gravityvestibular functions sensory function
association of taste qualities of bitterness, sweetness, sourness and saltinesstaste functions sensory function
sensing odors and smellssmell function sensory function
awareness of body positionproprioceptive function sensory function
feeling of being touched by others or touching various texures, such as those of food; prescence of numbness paresthesia, hyperstethiatouch fountion sensory function
unpleasant feeling indicating petential or actual damage to some body structure; sensation of fgeneralized or localized painpain sensory function
thermal awareness, sense of force applied to skinsensitivity to temperature and pressure
joint range of motionjoint mobility- neuromusculoskeletal and movement related function
maintainace of sturctural integrity of joints throughtout the body; physiological sstability of joints related to structural integrityjoint stability neruomusculoskeletal and movement related function
strenghtmuscle power- muscle function
degree of muscle tensionmuscle tone muscle function
sustaining muscle contractionmuscle endurance muscle function
involuntary contraction of muscles automatically induced by specific stimulimotor reflex movement function
eye hand and eye foot coordinatio, bilateral inegration, crossing of the midline, fine and gross motor control and oculomotor functionscontrol of voluntary movement-movement fuction
gait and mobility considered in relation ot how they affect ability to engage in occupations in daily life activities' for example waling patterns and impairments asymmetric gait, stiff gaitgait patterns- movement function
maintenance of blood pressure functions (hypertension, hypotension, postural hypotension) heart rate and rhythmcardiovascular system functions, hematological and immuniological system function
rate, rhythm, and depth of respirationrespiratory system functions
physical enducatnce, aerobic capacity, stanima, fatigabilityadditional functions nad sensations of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems
fluency and rhythm, alternative vocalization functionsvoice and speech function
digestive system functions, metabolic system and endocrine system functionsdigestive, metabolic, and endocrine system functions
urinary functions, genital and reporductive functionsgenitourinary and reporductive functions
protection (presence or abscense of wounds, cuts,, or abrasions) repair (wound healing_skin functions hair and nail functions
definiton of body strucuresanatomicla parts of the body, such as organs, limbs, and their components that support body cuntions.
subcategories of body structuresstructures of the nervous system; eyes, ear, and related structures; structures involved in voice and speech; structures of the cardiovascular, immunological and respiratory system; structures related to the digestive, metabolic, and endocrine systems; structures related to the genitourinary and reporductive systems; structures related to movement; skin and related structures