Foundations quiz 1 occupations

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obtaining and using supplies' soap, rinsing, and drying body parts; maintaning bathing postions; and transferring to and from bathing positionbathing. showering
obtaining and using toileting supplies, managing clothing, maintaining toileting position, transferring to and from toileting position, cleaning body, and caring for menstrual and continence needs, as well as copleting intentional control of bowel movements and urination and if necessary using equipment or agents for bladder control toileting and toilet hygiene
selecting clothing and accessories appropriate to time of day, weather, and occasion, obtaining clothing from storage area; dressing and undressing in a swquential fashion; fastening and adjusting clothing and shoes; and applying and removing personal devices, prosthetic decies or splingsdressing
keeping and manipulating food or fluid in the mouth and swallowing it; swallowing in mobin food from the mouth to the stomachswallowing/eating
setting up, arranging, adn bringing food or fluid from the plate or cup tot hte mouth; sometimes called self-feedingfeeding
moving from one postiion or place to another suc as in bed mobility, wheelchair mobility, and transfers. includes functional ambulation and trasportation of objectsfunctional mobility
using, cleaning, and maintaining personal care items, such as hearing aids, contact lenses, glasses, orthotics, prosthetics, adaptie equipent, glucometers, and contraceptive and sexual devicespersona device care
engaging in activities that resufl in sexual satisfaction and or meet relational or reproductive needssexual activity
arranging, supervising or providing care for otherscare of others
arranging, spervising or providing care for pets and service animalscare of pets
providing care and supervision to support the developmental needs of a childchild rearing
sending, receiving, and interpreting information using a variety of systems and equipment, including writing tools, telephones, keyboards, audiovisual recorders, computers or tables, communication boards, call ligts, emegency sytstems, braille writers, telecommunication devices for deaf people, AAC ad personal digitl assistantscommunication management
plannign and moving around in the communit and using public or private transportaiotn, such as driving, walking, bicycling or accessing adn riding in buses, taxi cabs, or other transportation systemsdriving and community mobility
using fiscal resources, including alternate methods of financial transaction, and planning and using finances with long term adn short term goalsfinancial management
developing, managing, and maintaining routines for health and wellness promotion such as physical fitness, nutrition, decreased health risk behaviors, and medication routineshealth management and maintenance
obtaining and maintaining personal and household possessions and environment including maintaining and repairing personal posseions and knowing how to seek help or whom to contacthome establishmesnt an management
planning, preparing, adn serving well balanced nutritious meals and cleaning p food and utensils after mealsmeal prep and cleanup
participating in religion and engaging in activities that allow a sense of connectedness to something larger than oneself or that are especially meaningful, suc as taking time out to play with a child engaging in activities in nature and ehlping others in needreligious and spiritual activities and expression
knowing and performing preventive procedures to maintain a saafe env recognizing sudden, unexpected hazardous situations; and initiating emergency action to reduce the threat to health and safety; examples include ensuring safety when entering and exiting the home, identifiying emergencycontact numbers and replaacing items such as batteries in smoke alarms and light bulbsafety and emergency maintenance
preparing shpping list, selecting, purchasing and transporting items; selecting method of payment and completing money transactions; included are internet shopping and related use of electrionic devices such as computers cell phones and tabletsshopping
engaging in quiet and effortless actions that interrupt physical and mental activity, resulting in a relaxed state included are identifying the need to relax reducing involvement in taxing physical mental or social activities and engaging in relaxation or oter endeavors that restore energy and calm and renew interest in engagemetnrest
engaging in routines that prepare the self for a comforable res sch as grooming and undressing reading or listening ot music to fall asleep, saying goodnight to others, and engaging in mediattion or prayers; determinig the time of day and length of time desired for sleeping and the time needed to wark; and establishing sleep patterns that support growth and healther. preparing the physical env for periods of unconcsiousness, such as making th ebed or space on which to sleep; ensuring warmth or coolness and proection settin an alarm clock; securing the home, such as locking doors or losing windows or curtains; and turning off electronics or lightssleep prep
talking care of personal needs for sleep such as ceasing activities to ensure onset of sleep, napping, and dreamign; sustaining a sleep state without disruption; and performing nightime care of toileting needs and hydration; also includes negotiating the needs and requirements of and interacting with others within the social env such as children or partners including providin gnightime caregiving such as breastfeeding adn monitoring the comfort and safety of others who are sleepingsleep participation
participation in academic, nonacademic, extracurricular, and vocational educational activitiesformal educational participation
identifying topics and methods for obtaining topic related infomration or skillsinformal personal education needs or interests exploration
participating in informal classes, programs, and activities that provide instruction or training in identified areas of iterestinformal personal education participation
identifying adn selecting work opportunities based on assets, limitations, likes and dislikes related to workemployment interests and pursuits
engaging in activites that result in successful interaction at the community lebelcommunity
engaging in activites that result in successful interaction in specific required and or desired familial rolesfamily
engaging in activites at different levels of interaction and intimacy including engaging in desired sexual activitypeer, friend