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act of doing and accomplishing a selected action or occupation and results fromm the dynamic transaction among the client, the context adn the activity. improving or enabling skills and patterns in occ performacne leads to engagement in occ or activitesoccupational performance
outocomes targeted when a performacne limitation is present. these outcomes relfect increase occupationl performance for the perosn group or popimprovement
outcomes targeted when a performance limitation is not currently present. these outcomes reflect the development of performacne skills and performance patterns that augment existing performance in life occenhancement
education or health promotion efforts designed to indetify, redure, or prevent the onset of reduce the incidence of unhealthy condtionsprevention
resources for everyday lilfe, not the objective of liing. for individuals, heath is a state of physical menatll and socal wellbeing as well as a postive concept emphasizing social and peronsaal reouces and phyiscal capacities. health for groups and populations includes these individual aspects but also includes social responsibility of membbers the group or ppulation as a whole. Wellness is an active process through which indibiduals become aware of an make choices toward a more successful existence. Health and wellness
dynamic approaial of the clients life satisfaction, hope, selfconcept, health and functioning and ses factorsquality of life
engagemetnin desired occupaions in ways that are pesonally staisgying and congruent wuth expectations within the cultureparticipation
ability to effectiely meet the demands of roles in which the client engagesrole competence
contentment with ones health, sel esteem, sense of belinging, security adn opportunities for self determination, meaning, roles, and helpiing others. well being is a general term encompassing the total unverse of hman life domains including physical, mental and oscial aspecswell-being
access ti and participation int he full range of meaningful and enriching occupations afforded to others, including opportunities for social inclusion and the resources to participate in occupations to satisfy personal, health, and societal needsoccupational justice
a child with autism laying interactiely with a peerimproement
an older adult returning to a desired living situation in the home form a skilled nursing facitilyimproemet
increased confidence and competence of teenage mothers in parenting their children as a result of structred social groups and child development lassesenhancement
increased membership in the local senior citizen center as a result of expanind social wellness adn exercise programsenhancement
appropriate seating and play area for a chid with orthopedic impairmentsprevention
implementation of a program of leisure and educational activites fora drop in center for adults with severe mental illnessprevention
access to occ therapy services in underserved areas regardless of cultural or ethnic backgroundprevention
participation by a person with a oschiatric disability in an empowermet and advocacy group to improve services in the ommunity health and wellness
implementation of a company wide program for employees to identify proelms and solutions regarding the balacne among work leisure and family lifehealth and wellness
deecreased incidence of childhood obestiyhealth and wellness
full anc active paricipation of a deaf child from a hearing amily during a recreational activiityquality of life
residens being able to prepare for outings and travel independelty as a result of inependent living skills training for care providersquality of life
a person recovering the ability to peformthe essential duties of his or her job after a flexor tendon lacerationparicipation
a family enjoying a vacation while trveling cross country in their adapted vanparticipation
all children within a state having access to school sports programsparticiaption
an individual with vp being able to take notes or type papers to meet the demadns of the sudent rilerole competence
implementation of job rotation at a factory that allows sharing of higher demand tasks to meet the demands of the worker rolerole competnece
a person with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis veing content whith his ability to find meaning in fulfilling the role of father through compensatory strateies and env modificationwell-being
members of a outpatient depression and anxiety support group feeling secure in their sense of group belonging and ability to help other memberswell-being
residents of a town celebrating the groundvreaking of a school druing reconstruction after a natural diasterwell-being
an individual with an intellectural disality serving on an advisory board to establish programs offered by a community reaction centerocc justice
workers having enough break time to have lunch with their young children in their day care centerocc justice
increase sense of empowerment and self advoay skills for people with persistent mental illness, enabling them to develo an antistigma campaign promoting engagement in the civie arena and alternative adapted housing options for older adults to age in placeocc justice