Foundations Exam 1 Study Guide 2 OTPF

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Question Answer
What is the purpose of the framework?to provide a structure or base on which to build a system or a concept
The OTPF is divided into two major sections what are they?Domain and process
_________outlines the professions purview and tehareas in which its members have an established body of knowledge and exxpertisedomain
_________describes the actions practitioners take when providing services that are client centered and focused on engqgement in occupationsprocess
According to the OTPF_______is defined as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-beinghealth
According to the OTPF_______is defined as a general term encompassing the total universe ofhuman life doamins; physical, mental and social aspectswell-being
what are the 5 aspects of domains?occupation, client factors, performance skills, performance patterns, and context adn env
__________are central to clients identity and sense of competence and have particular meaning and value to taht clientoccupations
True or false: occupations can lead to well-balancced and fully functional lifestyle or a life style that is out of balance and characterized by occupational dysfuncitontrue
what are client factors?specific capacities, charactereistics, or beliefs that reside within the person and that influence performance in occupations
What are the categories of client factors?values, beliefs, and spirituality; body functions and body structures
What are performance skills?goal directd actions that are observabe as small units of engagement in daily life occupations. They are learned and developed over time and are situated in specific contexts and envs
_________are habits, routines, roles and rituals used in the process of engaging in occupations or activities that can support or hinder occupational performanceperformance patterns
________ refers to elements within and surrounding a client that are often less tangible than physical and social env. context
There are 4 different types of context what are they?cultural, personal, temporal, and virtual
_________a justice that recognizes occupational rights to inclusive participation in everyday occupations for all persons in society regardless of age ability gender social calls or other differences.occupational justice
_________ is the client centered delivery of OT services including evaluation and intervention to achieve target outcomes within occuppational domain and is facilitated by the desinct perspecitve of OTProcess
What are some of the direct service delivery models?in hospitals, clinics, industry, schools, homes and communities
What are some of the indirect service delivery models?consuliting teachers, multidisciplinary teams, and community panning acgenites, business regarding work env
_________ allows OTs to develp and manage their therapuetuic relationship with clients by using narrative adn clinical reasoning; empathy and a client centered, collaborative approach to service delierytheraputeic use of self
identifying supports and barriers to health, well-being and participation is included in what process?the evaluation process
What can be found in an occupational profilesummary of occupational history and expriences, patterns of daily living, interests, values and needs.
What are the three steps of the intervention process?intervention planning, interventin implementation and intervention review
What are the OCCUPATIONS of the OTPF?Sleep and rest, leisure, play, education, work, ADL, IADL, and social participation