Foundations activity and occ demands

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Question Answer
alignmet with the clients goals, values, beliefs and needs and perceived utilityrelevance and importance to client
tools, supplies, and equipment required in teh process of carryig out the activityobjects used and their properties
physical env requirments of the activity (size, arrangement,, surface, lighting, temperalture, noise, humidity, ventilation)space demands
elements of the social env and virtual and cultural contexts that may ne required by the actibitysocial demands
process required to carry out the activity (specific steps, sequence of stems, timing requirements)sequencing and timing
actions (performance skills-motor, process, and social interaction) required by the client that are an inherent part of the activityrequired actions and performance skills
physiological functions of body systems required to support the actions used to perform the activityrequired body function
anatomical parts of the body such as organs, limbs, and their components that support body functions andare required to perform the activityrequired body structures
an intervention approach that does not assume a disavility is present or that any aspect would interfere with performance, this approach is designed to provide enriched contextual and activity experiences that will enhance performance for all perople in the natural contexts of lifecreate, promote
driving a car equates with independencerelevance and importance to client
preparing a holdiay meal connects with family traditionrelevance and imporance to client
voting is a rite of passaage to adulthoodreevance and imporance to client
tools supplies equipment inherent propertiesobjects used and their properties
large, open spaceoutdoors for a baseball gamespace demands
bathroom door and stallwidth to accommodate whellchairspace demands
rules of the gamesocial demands
expectaions of other participatns in the activitysocial demands
feeling the heat of the stoverequred actions and performance skills
gripping a handlebarrequired actions and erformance skils
choosing ceremonial clothesrequired actions and performance skills
determinig how to move limbs to control the caerequired actions and performacne skills
adjusting the tone of voicerequired actorns and performenacne skills
answering a questionrequired actions and performance skills
mobility of jointsrequired body functions
levels of consciousnessrequired body functions
cognitive levelrequired body functions
number of hands or feetrequired body structures
ofactory or taste organsrequired body strucutre