Formulas for Chapter 12 Test

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Question Answer
1. Lateral Area of a Right Prism equalsP x H
2. Volume of a Right Prism equalsB x H
3. Lateral Area of Regular Pyramid equals(P x L)/2
4. Volume of a Regular Pyramid equals(B x H)/3
5. Lateral Area of a Cylinder equals2πr x H
6. Volume of a Cylinder equalsπr^2 x H
7. Lateral Area of a Sphere equals4πr^2
8. Volume of a Sphere equals 4/3πr^3
9. Total Area of a Right PrismP x H + 2B
10. Total Area of a Cylinder equals2πrh + 2πr^2
11. Total Area of a Coneπrl + πr^2
12. Volume of a Cone(πr^2 x H)/3
13. Lateral Area of a Coneπrl
14. Total Area of a Regular Pyramid equalsLateral Area + B

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