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addendum (addenda)things to be added
ad libitum (ad lib)according to your pleasure
aurus dextra (AD)right ear
aurus sinister (AS)left ear
aures utrae (AE)each ear or both ears

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bruitabnormal vascular heart sound
cafe au lait spotbrownish skin lesion
coupa hit or stroke
cul-de-sacblind alley (usually uterine)
en blocin one block

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en massein mass - referring to one unit, not divided
Gilbert diseasehereditary abnormality of liver function
in anonear the anus
in extremisat the point of death
in situin its original position

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in totoas a whole or in the whole
oculus dexter (OD)right eye
oculus sinister (OS)left eye
oculus uterque(OU)each eye or both eyes
peau d'orangeskin appearance like an orange peel

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perfor (through, by)
rapheline of union between various physiologic structures
Raynaud phenomenon or diseasevascular disorder with intermittent loss of circulation
statim (stat)at once
status quoexisting condition

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Virchow-Robin spacesperivascular space in brain associated with immunological function
ante cibum (a.c.)before food
ante meridiem (a.m.)in the morning
bis in die (b.i.d.)twice a day
die (d.)day

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gutta (g.t.t.)a drop
hora (h.)hour
hora somni (h.s.)at bedtime
per os (p.o.)by mouth
post meridiem (p.m.)afternoon or between noon and midnight

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pro re nata (p.r.n.)as needed
quaque die (q.d.)every day
quaque hora (q.h.)every hour
quaque secunda hora (q.2h.)every two hours
quaque tertia hora (q.3h.)every three hours

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quaque quarta hora (q.4h.)every four hours
quaque sex hora (q.6h.)every six hours
quaque octa hora (q.8h.)every eight hours
quater in die (q.i.d.)four times a day
ter in die (t.i.d.)three times a day

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