Foreign Policy (1975-1990) - Extra Notes

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Question Answer
What were the two main strands of Thatcher's foreign-policy? Commitment to standing alongside with the USA in the cold-war, and a growing scepticism about British membership of the EEC
What percentage of Falkland Islanders wished to remain British?98%
How many died when the Belgrano was sunk?368
How many Brits and Argentinians died in the Falklands Conflict? 225 British and 665 Argentinians
In June 1982, following the Falkland War, what had Thatcher's approval ratings soared to?51%
Which key Thatcher Minister's were strongly Europhile?Geoffrey Howe and Nigel Lawson
What did Thatcher say about German reunification?"When there has been fifteen years of democracy in East Germany, then we can talk about reunification"
How did Thatcher ensure closer ties with Europe?By singing the Single European Treaty in 1986, and agreeing to Britain joining the European Exchange Rate Mechanism
When did Soviet Forces invade Afghanistan?1979
What didn't the West realise about the Soviet Union in the late 1970's?Their military was hopelessly overstretched
For what two reasons did Thatcher gain a legacy for helping win the Cold War?She took a confrontation and determined stance to confront the USSR, and she was willing to negotiate with Gorbachev
How did Britain support the US when it bombed Libya? They allowed them to use RAF bases
Why was Thatcher's subservience to the USA illustrated during the Westland Affair?She agreed to sell the helicopter manufacturer Westland to an American company; it recieved criticism from the public and caused Defence Minister Michael Heseltine to resign
What did Thatcher say after meeting Gorbachev? "I like Mr Gorbachev. We can do business together"