Foreign Policy (1964-1975) - Extra Notes

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How many New Commonwealth states had been granted independence by 1964?18
Which two elements of the foreign policy pursued by Wilson angered the USA?Britain's attitude regarding Vietnam, and the continuing process of decolonisation
What did Wilson say when asked why he did not speak out against the Vietnam War?"Because you don't kick your creditor in the balls"
Why did Heath infuriate American Secretary, Henry Kissinger? He refused to let him use Britain as a link between America and Europe
Why could Smith ignore the sanctions in the 1960's? Because it was easy for Rhodesia to get supplies through the Portuguese colony of Mozambique, while big oil companies ignored the sanctions
Why did Smith believe he was in a stronger position by the 1968 talks? He felt he could rely on the right-wing of the Conservative Party for support
What was the name of the 1972 war involving Marxist insurgents in Portuguese Africa?The Bush War
Labour's Minister of Defence Denis Healey aimed to get the defence budget below £2 Billion by 1970, where did his 1967 white paper set out the timetable for withdrawing troops from?Singapore, Malaya, Borneo, Aden, and the Persian Gulf
By 1971 how much had defence spending fell?6% of GDP to 4% of GDP
Why did spending on defence dramatically fall from January 1968?Roy Jenkins introduced drastic spending cuts after the devaluation crisis

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