Foreign Policy (1951-1964) - Extra Notes

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What could the aims of the post-war consensus be described as?"A commitment to maintain both the welfare state and national greatness"
What did Ernest Bevin tell the Commons in 1947? "We regard ourselves as one of the powers most vital to peace of the world, and we still have out historic role to play"
What act ensured peacetime conscription in 1947?The National Security Act
When did a Communist coup take-over Czechoslovakia?1948
Why can Ernest Bevin take great credit for the forming of NATO? This collective security pact was contrary to American traditions of avoiding alliances
What percentage of Western Europe's oil imports passed through the Suez Canal?80%
What did Eden tell Parliament regarding Suez?He had "no foreknowledge" of the invasion
In November 1956, where were demonstrations against Suez held?Trafalgar Square
What was Britain and France's invasion of Suez compared to?Russia's decision to send tanks into Hungary
Which Indian leader was fiercely critical of Britain's decision to invade Suez?Nehru
What amount of Britain's gold and dollar reserves disappeared during the run-on-the-pound following Suez?15%
Why did the Suez Crisis harm Anglo-French relations?They French viewed it as a premature ending

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