Foramen of the Cranium

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Base of the skull. Upper surface.

Question Answer
AAnterior ethmoidal foramina
BPosterior ethmoidal foramina
CCribriform foramina
DOptic canal
ESuperior orbital fissure
FRound Foramen
GOval Foramen
HForamen spinosum
IForamen lacerum
JInternal acoustic meatus
KJugular foramen
LForamen Magnum
MCondyloid foramen
NHypoglossal foramen
OMastoid foramen

The skull from the front.

Question Answer
ASupraorbital foramen
BInfraorbital foramen
CMental foramen

Contents of foramen

Question Answer
Anterior ethmoidal foraminaAnterior ethmoidal nerve and vein
Posterior ethmoidal foraminaPosterior ethmoidal nerve and vein
Cribriform foraminaOlfactory nerves
Optic canalOptic nerve and ophthalmic artery
Superior orbital fissureOpthalmic veins, Opthalmic nerve (CNV1), CN III, CN IV, CN VI, Sympathetic fibers
Round ForamenMaxillary nerve (CN V2)
Oval ForamenMandibular nerve (CN V3), accessory meningeal artery
Foramen spinosumMiddle meningeal artery and vein and meningeal branch of CN V3
Foramen lacerumDeep petrosal nerve, small meningeal arteries and veins
Internal acoustic meatusAir to tympanic membrane
Jugular foramenInternal Jugular vein, CN IX, CN X, CN XI, other arteries and veins
Foramen MagnumBrain stem/ spinal chord
Condylar foramenEmissary vein (sigmoid sinus to vertebral vein)
Hypoglossal foramenHypyoglossal nerve (CN XII)
Mastoid foramenMastoid emissary vein

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