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What is a MIC Test?Minimal Inhibitory Concentration. The smallest amount or concentration of the antibiotic to administer to a patient. In which the antibiotic is the MOST DILUTE YET IT STILL KILLS THE BACTERIAL CELLS. You want to use the least amt of the antibiotic that will still kill the bacteria but not harm the pt. This is why performing an MIC is so important.
What is a Coliform?Gram - Rod Bacteria that ferment Lactose and produce gas
what's two example of Coliform?E. coli and Enterobacter aerogenes. *these are harmless creatures. Residents in Large Intestines.
What is Potable? water safe to drink. No feces
What is Transformation?Genes are transferred froma viable donor bacterium to viable recipient and one or two of these transferred genes may be expressed.
What is Conjunction?Genes are transferred from a viable donor bacterium to viable recipient bacterium by MATING!
What is Transduction?A few genes are transferred from a viable donor bacterium to a viable recipient bacterium by a VIRUS!
What's Jumping genes?aka: Transporons
R-PilusTransfer "R" factor Plasmid.
F-PilusTransfer "F" factor Plasmid.
How many can Antibiotic Resistant carry in R-Factor?2-8.
Whats another names for Protein Coats?Core, Capsid,
Som virus have an additional Covering outside the coat, called?Envelope
What's a VIROID?A Single Stranded RNA virus with NO protein Coat!
What's a VIRION?
A naked Virus?Has protein Coat but NO envelope.
In Virus - each Protein ball is called?Capsomere
In Virus - group of Protein ball of capsomere is called?Capsid
What type of Gram - Bacterial pathogen that is estimated 70 % of all raw poultry both free range and penned, are contaminated with what?Campylobacter
what does Campylobacter and Salmonellas have in common. both are asymptomatic by many animals.
Can Salmonella be transferred from animal to humans?yes
What is the MOST virulent of the Salmonellas?Salmonella Typhi
How is Salmonella typhi spread? Spread in feces from other people ONLY!! Not animals.
CAn you get Salmonella typhi from animals?NO - its only spread in feces from other people.
True or False - Shigellosis can ONLY be spread by humans?TRUE. Spread by Humans ONLY
Where does Salmonella first invade and multiply?In the SMALL INTESTINE.
What's the major cause of typhoid fever?Salmonella typhi
Salmonella differ from Salmonella typhi how?1. S. typhi does not multiply in the Intestinal Epithelial cells... They multiply inside the phagocytic cells and become disseminated in the body.
What are the 4 species of Shigella?1. sonnei, 2.boydii, 3. flexneri, 4. dysenteriae
Shigella destroy tissue in the intestinal of mucosa of the ______________ intestine?LARGE INTESTINE.
Out 4 species of Shigella, what is the MOST dangerous? S. dysenteriae
Out of all the 4 species of Shigella, what is ONLY capable of invading the blood stream?S. dysenterae
What is the name of #1 cause of "Travelers" diarrhea that is found in developing countries?EnteroToxigenic E. coli strain
Whats the best know and MOST virulent pathogen in this Group seroptyped called E. Coli?EnteroHemorrhagic E.coli strain
How many bacterial cell of "EnteroHemorrhagic E. coli" is necessary to cause a severe and fatal outcome in people?Takes one cell!
What is Hemorrhagic Colitis?Inflammation of the colon w/ bleeding
This Bacterium produce a "SHIGA-LIKE" exotoxin which cause Hemorrhagic Colitis.EnteroHemorrhagic E. coli
Of the EnteroHemorrhagic E.coli, what is the one dangerous outcome of this infection?HUS - Hemolytic Uremic Sydrome
What is HUS?Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome - which is blood in Urine, Kidney Failure, Hypertension, and sometimes CNS disorders.
What are TWO major diseases of the Digestive Tract?Hep-A and Rotavirus
How is Hep-A spread?Fecal-oral Route
Can Hep-A be detected in blood, urine, and feces?yes
Hep-A illness last for how long?3 weeks
Is there an Effective Hep-A vaccine?yes
Roavirus is spread how?Fecal-oral route
This virus is the most common cause of Viral ____________________ in infants and small children in the world!Gastroenteritis
what is the major cause of diarrheal disease among infants and young children in the US?ROTAVIRUS

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