Food Animal- Diseases of the Abomasum 3

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Abomasal Lymphosarcoma (LSA) + Abomasal Impaction + Abomasal Emptying Defect of Suffolk Sheep (AEDSS)

Question Answer
What virus is LSA (Lymphosarcoma) associated with in cattle?BLV (bovine leukemia virus)
4 major predilection sites for abo LSA? What are the minor siteS?she says it's hula aka Heart, Uterus, Lymph nodes, Abomasum.... MINOR sites include: Spinal cord, kidney, retrobulbar space
abo LSA usually occurs at what age?>4y old
clinical signs of abo LSA?Weight loss, Melena, Decreased milk production
5 things you can do to help dx abo LSA?(1) Abdominal ultrasonography (2) Abdominocentesis (3) Abomasal biopsies (via laparotomy) (4) Check other predilection sites (5) BLV AGID or ELISA (titer)
what is the likely hood of BLV+ cow getting LSA versus BLV -?Can be BLV (+) without neoplasia, but BLV (-) ca\le rarely get neoplasia
what happens to get a 1* AI?Secondary to pyloric outflow obstruction
what are the reasons theyd get a 2* AI?(1) Poor quality roughage for overwintering beef cows: Fiber is not very digestible, Water is not easily accessible (2) Calves fed poor quality milk replacer (Pica (hairballs, wood shavings, sand) ) (3) Animals on low fiber diets (May consume wood or bailing twine)
how can Post-abomasal volvulus lead to abomasal impaction?Vagal nerve dysfunction --> poor GI motility--> impaction
how might Lymphosarcoma contribute to AI?Infiltrates pylorus, Outflow obstruction
how will the abd contour change with AI?Bilateral ventral enlargement
what are clinical signs of abomasal impaction?Bilateral ventral enlargement of the abdominal contour, Weight loss/decreased BCS, scant feces
how rapid of onset is AI?Development of disease takes days to weeks!
in AI, how will pH and Cl- be affected?usually wont see alkalosis, but can have high rumen Cl-
dx of AI based on what 4 things?(1) Clinical signs and history (2) Fluidy rumen ingesta (3) Rectal examination (Abomasum may be palpable, Scant mucoid feces )(4) Exploratory laparotomy
what are some things you can consider for tx of AI?Intravenous and oral fluid therapy, Cathartics (Magnesium sulfate, mineral oil), CONSIDER prokinetics (Metoclopramide, erythromycin), could CONSIDER an Abomasotomy (prolly R flank or R paramedian incision)
prog of AI?poor
*recap hint: she LOVESSSS the hypochloremic metabolic alkalosis, with paradoxical aciduria..must remember what?ALSO a K+ deficiency in order for the aciduria (KNOW THIS PATHOPHYS SHE LOVES IT)
what are some things you can do to help prevent AI?Feed good quality roughage, Ensure access to water, Monitor nutrition quality (esp in winter)
AEDSS affects what age?adults. sporadic, doesn't seem to be hereditary.
CS of AEDSS?Anorexia, Weight loss, Abdominal distension, Abomasum may be palpable transabdominally
how is the rumen affected by AEDSS?Increased rumen chloride
prog of AEDSS?grave
objectives: know pathophys of hypochloremic metabolic alkalosis, and paradoxical aciduriaderp
objectives: Compare and contrast LDA, RDA, and AVflarp

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