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how common is ascariasis? It is the most prevalent & economically important internal parasite of swine.
what agent causes ascariasis?ascaris suum
what are the 3 major problems ascaris suum causes?Pneumonia, hepatitis, and ill thrift
ascarid infxn is most severe in who?More severe in young, growing pigs.
who else aside from pigs can ascarids affect? Ascarid larvae migration occurs in several other animals, including man (Migrating larvae occasionally infect lambs calves)
ascarids can cause heavy losses from lesions to where?lung lesions
how long/where do adult ascarids live? Adults live in a pig GI for about 6 months --> Spontaneous expulsion.
how labile are ascarid eggs? how do you kill them?Ascarid eggs are very resistant to environmental degradation & disinfectants. Destroyed by intensive steam cleaning or prolonged exposure to full sunlight.
at what point in the lifecycle do ascards hurt the lungs/liver, and how?Migrating larvae create lesions in the liver and lungs.--> "milk spots" on liver
clinical Signs in young, growing pigs includeUnthriftiness, failure to gain weight, rough hair coat, pendulous abdomen, chronic paroxysmal coughing, & thumping
what is "thumping"?hard abdominal component to breathing
clinical Signs in naïve pigs include Severe, fatal, respiratory disease 7-14 days after introduction to heavily contaminated facilities. Afebrile, thumping, & gaunt pigs, that are often misdiagnosed as having bacterial or viral pneumonia
what do lung lesions look like with ascaris suum infection? Small hemorrhages throughout the lungs, Inflammatory exudate obstruct smaller airways.
what secondary problem can happen from ascarid infxn in lungs?Secondary superlative bronchopneumonia, which May be accompanied by emphysema (Failure of lungs to collapse).
what do liver lesions look like with ascaris infxn?Scarring in the liver (gray to white “milk spots). Diffuse fibrosis may affect the entire liver and lead to its condemnation at slaughter. Icterus if ascarids obstruct the bile ducts.
when can you dx ascarids on fecal float?Fecal flotation is not reliable during the first 6-8 weeks (prepatent period). So basically can dx >2mo
how do you dx chronic (>2mo) ascarid infection?Fecal ID of eggs using fecal flotation.
how do you dx acute (<2mo) ascarid infection? Necropsy of a few clinical pigs that have died or been sacrificed. Fecal flotation is not reliable during the first 6-8 weeks (prepatent period).
what are some ways you can help control ascarid infxn?Confinement, Deworming the sows during gestation (~ 1 week pre- farrowing). Washing the sows to remove parasite eggs prior to moving them into sanitized farrowing crates. Early weaning of 2-4 week old pigs (before ascarid eggs have become infective). Feeding a continuous dewormer (pyrantel) for the first 30 days Follow up deworming at eight-week intervals
IF you are gonna do Pasture or open lot housing, how can you help control ascarids? Deworming the sows before moving them to clean pasture. Pasture rotation will greatly reduce the exposure of swine to worm eggs, especially if the land is tilled
lifecycle of A. suum