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Vx protocols/ biosecurity/ PE/ Pharmacology

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what is the MAJOR 3 things we vx small rumis against?the "CD and T" which is clostridium prefringens Type C, Clostridium perfringens Type D, and Clostridium tetani
when do you vx against the 3 strains of clostridium in a well vx herd?Vaccinate lambs at 1mo with CD&T then booster 6 – 8 weeks later. Follow with anthelmintics
(list to read) all the the vx's you can give small rumisclostridium prefringens Type C, Clostridium perfringens Type D, and Clostridium tetani, campylobacter, Chlamydia psittaci, Contagious ecthyma ORF, E. Coli, rabies, Lepto, IBR, Caseous lymphadenitis (CLA), foot rot, pasturella, brucella
Chlamydia psittaci--> how does this dz present?Infected joints, conjunctivitis, abortions
Contagious ecthyma ORF--> how does this dz present? When do you vx for this? other precautions?Proliferative lesions, you do a live virus vx only if it is endemic on the farm. WEAR GLOVES THIS IS ZOONOTIC AND IT IS A LIVE VIRUS VX
when do you wanna vx for E. coli?Vaccinate before partus to enhance colostrum
what does lepto do?causes abortion, less common in small rumis than in cows
what kinda vx is there for IBR (infectious bovine rhinotracheitis), how does it help small rumis?An intranasal vaccine that is designed to enhance IgA production, May reduce pneumonia in lambs and kids
what should you know about vx for Caseous lymphadenitis (CLA)?Anaphylaxis in goats and animals with concurrent disease
Foot rot--> caused by what? what should you know about the vx?Dicholorbacter nodosus, Questionable efficacy
where is the ideal place to vx on a small rumi? what are alternative locations?ideally always SQ bc you can save the meat. If not, use the cheapest meat, rear flank fold, front axillary area
(pic of table) what are some contagious and foreign dzs you should be careful about when you are getting new kids?
how long should you isolate new animals?60 days
Buying new stock can breach herd biosecurity, compromise herd health and safety. What are some things you can do to help prevent this?Isolate new animals (60 days), Test rams and bucks, BSE rams and bucks, Isolate Does / Ewes, Test does and ewes, deworm, Vaccinate for C,D & T, chlamydia and campylobacter
what are 4 dzs you should check new rams/bucks for?CAE/OPP, brucellosis, Johne's dz
what are 5 dzs you should be checking new ewes/does for?CAE/OPP, Johne's, Palpate lymphnodes for CLA (caseous lymphadenitis), Test for mycoplasma
POST-SHOWING, how long should you isolate the animal from the herd and what should you check it for?isolate for 2 weeks post showing, and then make sure they didn't get.. orf, footrot, penumonia, ringworm
what are some ways to help prevent foot diseases from being spread post-showing?Pare out feet and bath in zinc-sulphate foot bath, Koppertox
***adult sheep normal temp? Lamb?SHEEP: 102 – 103.5 F. LAMB: 102.5 – 104 F
***adult sheep heart rate? lamb?SHEEP: 60 – 120 bpm. LAMB: 120 – 160 bpm
***Adult sheep resp rate? lamb?SHEEP: 12 – 72 bpm. LAMB: 30 – 70 bpm
***Adult Goat normal temp? Kid?GOAT: 101.5 – 103.5 F. KID: 102 – 104 F
***adult goat normal heart rate? Kid?GOAT: 70 – 110 bpm. KID: 120 – 160 bpm.
**adult goat normal resp rate? Kid?GOAT: 15 – 40 bpm. KID: 40 – 65 bpm
what is FARAD?food animal residue avoidance databank
what is ELDU?extra-label drug use. Need to ask FARAD about this.

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