FMs, ARs and TCs OH MY!

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Question Answer
What FM covers the M-16?FM 3-22.9
What FM covers land nav?FM 3-25.26
What FM covers drill and ceremony?3-21.5
What FM covers first aid?FM 4-25.11
What AR covers chain of command?AR 600-20
What FM covers the NCO creed / history?FM 7-22.7
What is AR 670-1?Uniforms and awards
What is TC 3-22.20?Physical Readiness Training (PRT)
What is AR 600-200?Promotions
What is AR 600-9Army Weight Control Program (AWCP)
What is AR 608-4
What is AR 600-8-22Awards & Decorations
What is AR 600-8-22Military awards
What is AR 600-20Army Command Policy and Procedures (Chain of Command)
What is AR 600-25Customs and courtesies
What is AR 623-205NCOER
What is FM 21-76Survival
What is FM 21-10Field Sanitation & Hygiene
What is FM 27-10Military Justice
What is FM 7-0Training the Force