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Question Answer
HuffingInhaling Vapours Of A Volatile Substance In A Cloth
BaggingInhaling And Exhaling Into The Bag
SniffingIhaling Directly From The Neck Of A Container
Freak Out TripUnpleasant LSD Experience
Toxins Causing PCT NecrosisCCl4(Carbon Tetrachloride),Cadmium,Mercury,Phenol
Fetal Lobster Syndrome/Split Hand Or Foot Syndrome Boric Acid Poisoning
Mees Line On Nails,Maculopapular Skin Eruption In Butterfly Distribution On Face,Classic Triad Of Alopecia,Skin Rash ,Painful Neuritis With ConfusionTHALLIUM Poisoning
Phossy JawChronic Phosphorus Poisoning
Phosphorus With Garlic Odour,Luminous In Dark,Ignites At 34 Deg,So Kept Under Water,Highly Toxic ,Used As Rodenticide,In Fire WorksWHITE Phosphorus
Phosphorus That Is Odourless,Nonluminous,Non-Inflammable,Non Toxic,Used On Sides Of Match BoxRED Phosphorus
TripEffects Of LSD
Mainlining , ShootingI V Injection Of Drugs Of Abuse
Skin PoppingI M Injection Of Drugs Of Abuse
Soft DrugsAmphetamine,Barbiturates,Cannabis,LSD
HARD DrugsOpium,Heroin,Cocaine,Methedrin


Question Answer
Death CapAmanita Phalloides
World’s Most Venomous AnimalBox Jelly Fish
Most Common Fish PoisoningCiguatera Poisoning
PtomainesAlkaloids Formed As A Result Of Bacterial Decomposition Of Protein
LeucomainesWhen Ptomaines Are Formed In Living Cells They Are Called Leucomaines.
Cadaveric alkaloidswhen ptomaines are formed in cadavers
Nitric acid is also calledaqua fortis,red spirit of nitre-causes xanthoprotein action
Hydrochloric acidmuriatic acid
Oxalic acid /acid of sugar causeshypocalcemia-used as bleach to remove stains,removing writing and signature illegally
Cantharides/Spanish fly/blister beetlelocal application causes vesicle formation; ingestion causes nephrotoxicity,priapism,convulsions
Chovstek’s sign due to hypocalcemia is seen inoxalic acid poisoning ;Treatment of hypocalcemia is 10% Calcium Gluconate 10 ml iv
UNIVERSAL ANTIDOTE2 parts charcoal +1 part magnesium oxide +1 part tannic acid
Coma cocktail100 ml 50 % glucose + 100 mg thiamine + 2 mg naloxone ;given to patients when identity of poison is unknown
Hemodialysis useful in poisoning withethanol,methanol,ethylene glycol,chloral hydrate,lithium,arsenic,acetaminophen,bromides,fluorides,pheobarbital,salicylates,sodium chlorate,boric acid ,thiocyanate
Hemodialysis NOT USEFUL incopper sulphate ,kerosene,OPC,Benzodiazepines,digitalis
PtyrilismChronic copper poisoning
Emetics are contraindicated incopper poisoning
Blue vitriolcopper sulphate
Verdigriscopper subacetate
Antidote of copper poisoningstaomach wash with 1% potassium ferrocyanide; Peicillamine,BAL,EDTA
Chronic inhalation of Copper sulphate CuSO4Vineyard sparayer’s lung disease
Copper deposits in tissuesChalcosis
Green hair discolourationchnic contact with swimming poo water containing algicidal copper chemical compounds
Post-mortem appearance in copper poisoninggreenish blue froth at mouth and nostrils
PHYSICAL OR MEHANICAL ANTIDOTESactivated charcoal ;Demulcents-egg albumin,starch,barley water or milk;Diluents-water,milk;boiled rice or vegetables
CHEMICAL ANTIDOTESweak non-carbonate alkalis for acids;weak vegetable acids for alkalis;freshly prepared ferric oxide for arsenic;common salt for silver nitrate;copper sulphate for phosphorus
Mees lines on nailsArsenic ,Thallium poisoning
Narcotic drugs act1985
Drugs used for narcoanalysisscopolamine hydrobromide,sodium amytal,sodium pentothal,sodium seconal

Poisoning similar to medical conditions

Poisoning with similar to
1. Arseniccholera
2. Acute mercury poisoningKawasaki disease
3. Chronic mercury poisoningdiphtheritic colitis
4. Chronic carbolic acid poisoning / carbolismphenol marasmus
5. OPC poisoningasthma like symptoms
6. Oxalic acid poisoningHypocalcemia(Chovstek’s sign)-IV 10 % Calcium gluconate 10 ml
7. Irritant poisonsgastroenteritis
8. Zinc poisoningmalaria
9. Arsenicmeasles
10. HCN/Scheeles’s acid or Prussic acid or cyanogens acute poisoning survivors developPARKINSONISM


Question Answer
BLOOD STAINS (Mnem:Blood SPoTT)benzidine test,phenolphthalein (Kastle –Meyer) test ,takayama’s hemochromogen crystal test,teichmann’s hemin crystal test ,spectroscopic test
SEMINAL STAIN (Mnem: Barbarian’s FACE)Barberio’s test,fluorescence test ,acid phosphatise test ,creatine phosphatse test ,ELISA Test
Vaginal epithelial cells on glans penisLugol’s iodine test
ArsenicMarsh’s test , Reinsch’s test,Gutzeit test,urinary coproporphyrin test


Question Answer
Sankhya / somalkhararsenic trioxide / arsenious oxide As2O3 (MOST COMMON FORM OF ARSENIC USED)
Butter of arsenicarsenic trichloride
Yellow orpiment / hartalarsenic trisulphide
Red realgar / manseelarsenic disulphide
Paris green / emerald greencopper acetoarsenite
Scheel’s greencopper arsenite
Sugar of lead or salt of Saturnlead acetate

some important years and acts

Question Answer
Indian medical council act1956
The workmen’s compensation act1923
Consumer protection act (COPRA/CPA)1986(Amended in 2002)
The protection of human rights act1993
The transplantation of human organs act1994(amended in in 2002)