Flight Attendant Terminology Terms 2

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Beverage/bar cart a cart specifically designed for the aircraft, used to serve beverages
Brew cup a metal basket in the coffee maker used to hold a coffee bag during the brew cycle
Casserole dish ceramic oven safe dish in which meals are cooked and served.
Coffee bag soft filter pre packed with coffee grounds. the coffee bag is placed in the brew basket when brewing coffee.
Cold box container provisioned with lemons, limes dairy and juice
Complimentary - Comp- Alcoholic beverage or other service item provided at no cost to the customer.
Crew mealsmeals boarded specifically for pilots and flight attendants
Dish-upmethod of transferring entree' from oven to plate to tray in premium cabins
Downline catering food items boarded on one flight but used on the next flight
Inflight Final Report -IFR-print out given to the flight attendant with premium customer names and other important information.
Link electronic device used by the flight attendant to inventory liquor and food. The link is also used to process credit card transaction for onboard purchases.

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Chefs tip sheets used to assist flight attendants with presentation and preparation of meal selections in the premium cabins
Inflight customer kit a blue canvass bag containing items related to customer needs; bandaids,coats tags, reports.
Meal cart aircraft cart in which meals are being provisioned and served or sold from the united economy
Phases of flight specific stages of flight with designed safety and service duties.
Pre-departure beverage beverages served in premium cabins before the flight departures the gate.
Service standards Criteria set for service presentation to customers.
Special service request -SSR-Form given to flight attendant identifying specific customer requests for assistance, including wheel chairs and electric carts
Transcontinental -Trancon-a flight that is operating from the east/west coast of the U.S to the west/east coast of the U.S
Walk-throughs a flight attendant requirement to assess needs and be available in the cabin.

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Agents co-workers at the airport who, serve customers, handle baggage, direct aircraft and equipment on the ground. Agents working in the airport terminal are also called airport sales agents -asa-
Airport alert a reserve flight attendant scheduled stand by at the airport, airport alerts mat be assigned any trip during the 4-6 hours they are scheduled to stand by at the airport
Customers the passengers who travel are always refereed to as customers. Flight attendants always need to be aware of our customers and their needs.
Captain -CA-the captain sits in the left seat of the flight deck and is identified with four stripes on their uniform
Crew any person whose primary job function is working on board an aircraft in flight
Crew scheduling the department is responsible for assigning crew members to a flight
Flight service coordinator -FSC- A flight attendant working a position designated as the leader of the flight attendant crew on trans-atlantic and trans-pacific flights on subsidiary continential flights. also referred to as the lead flight attendant.
First officer -FO- pilot who sits in the right seat of the flight deck and has three stripes on their uniform

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International service manager -ISM- A flight attendant working a position designated as the leader of the flight attendant crew on a subsidiary continental flights also referred to as the lead flight attendant
International relief officer -IRO-an extra pilot scheduled on a flight used to relieve the working pilots for their crew rest.
Pilot in command - PIC-the pilot responsible for the operation and safety of an aircraft during flight time
Purser a flight attendant working as the leader of the flight attendant crew on subsidiary united airline flights, also referred to as the lead flight attendant.
Spinner a customer up in the aisle after boarding is complete without a seat
Thru customer a customer who remains on the aircraft at an intermediate stop