Flatworm Practice

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Section 1

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The body symmetry of flatworms?bilateral
Concentration of sense organs and nerve cells at the front of an animal's bodycephalization
What are the group of cells that can detect changes in the amount of light in their environment?eyespot
What are the groups of nerve cells that control the nervous system?ganglia

Section 2

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The phylum flatworms belong to is called?Platyhelminthes
The class free-living flatworms belong to is called?Turbellaria
What is the term for flatworms "without coelom"?acoelomates
What is a fluid-filled body cavity that is lined with tissue derived from mesoderm?coelom

Section 3

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An individual that has both male and female reproductive organs?hermaphrodite
an type of asexual reproduction in which an organism splits in two and each half grows new parts to become a complete organismfission
male reproductive organs that produce spermtestes
female reproductive organs that produce eggsovaries

Section 4

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The process free-living flatworms rely on for respiration, excretion and circulationdiffusion
What are the specialized cells that remove excess water from the body?flame cells
What is a muscular tube near the mouth of flatworm is called?pharynx
short hairlike projections that help the flatworm glide through the watercilia

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